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Remarks from Customers

Editor's note: Below are some of the unsolicited comments made by our customers: sent to us (some copied from public forums) over the last several years.  The purpose of displaying these is to demonstrate the wonderful spirit, compassion and generosity of your fellow avaition homebuilders!  While we have struggled to stay in business making these DVDs, their comments have provided the needed boost to keep us going - and keep the faith.  Many very nice people here - most that I have never met - reminding us that the focus of what we do here is judged by how we treat and serve our fellow man and aircraft builder.  Thank you all!


I purchased the Onex videos. I can not describe how useful the videos have been.  Bruce, El Paso, TX

Couldn't have come this far without you and your DVD's and online support. you're the best.  Greg,  Calgary Canada

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos - and these frequent tips emails. I'm in the middle of building a Zenith CH 601XL and your info continues to help me immeasurably.Thank you! Gary, Cloverdale, Ca

I really am appreciative of these great DVD's as I would not be able to build my plane without them!  Chris, Victoria, Australia

You make it look so easy, and to be perfectly honest, your Video's are greatly increasing my confidence that I'll be able to build this as well. I appreciate how you really point out where the pitfalls are and the carefully choreographed sequence one needs to assemble in. Mike, Troy, MI

Just wanted to write to say that I finished watching your Sonex tail construction DVD and found it to be outstanding. The Sonex is a relatively simple airplane, but being a first time homebuilder I think that the value of the video is immense.  Michael,  Lancaster, PA 

Just like to extend my thanks for your videos Jon. They are superb and well presented. Your videos make building the Cruzer possible and fun.  Doug, Magnolia, TX 

Can't say enough about your DVDs.  As a 1st time all metal builder they have been invaluable and your quick responses to what's probably dumb questions is great. Kurt, Wylie,   TX 

. ..You may remember I bought the 701 construction dvds from you, and I have to say that they were one of my better ideas!  Without the dvds I'm not sure I would be getting on very well at all so a big thanks to you for producing them. Kind regards Stephen

Just watched your Electrical wiring 101 for homebuilt aircraft and loved it. It literally answered all of my questions and concerns for my current project Good job and I hope to more business with you. Mark,  Billings, MT 

Your products are exemplary and should be provided by all the companies selling kits today.  That way builders would be alerted to common mistakes the newbies can make. Thanks again for the excellence! Ronald,  Valrico, FL

Hi, Homebuilt Help;
Just wanted to say that I was a skeptic at first on your product. You did a great job on this one at least, and covered areas I really didn't think would be included in the "finishing" series.  I can see where this will really help me when I get around to ordering the kit and getting started. I may have to get the entire 750 Cruzer series just to see if you have any other tips like you give in the finishing set. Thanks again; Carl,  Ft Worth TX

Without Jon's videos I think my project (750) would have looked like a boat,car, helicopter or whatever but not the nice looking airplane I have sitting in my hangar. Great work Jon, keep them coming!  Tom, Atlanta, GA

If you haven't seen any of Jon's DVD's, I would really recommend taking a look at them.  I could never have built my plane without the help.  Really wonderful guidance.  Worth every penny I've paid him.  Diane,  Lebanon, CT 

I just purchased your new videos on building the Cruzer wing and Cruzer  finishing. I found the four fuselage videos to be indispensable in that they made the build process very clear with helpful hints and procedures that saved me time, trouble and possibly some ruined parts. Tom,  Ione, WA 

They are thorough, easy to follow, and will probably recoup their cost in replacement parts. Good work, Jon.  John, Waukesha, WI


Your build videos for my 750 saved me tons of head scratching and messed up parts.  If anyone is considering building I highly recommend Jon's videos.  Mark, Ontaio, Canada

These DVD’s have played just as important a role in my build as the Vans plans themselves. They’re a valuable asset.  Bob, Tavares, FL

I have been watching the building of the glass panel and find it really useful.  This is the best description I have viewed of the how, which tools to use, and metal working techniques that not even my local air shop uses.  Thank you to the Canadian fellow and his expertise and skill at telling us how it can all be put together.  Mel, Edmonds, WA 

I’m building a Zenith 701 and have used 4 of your videos so far in the construction and have just ordered the final 4.  I must say, the videos are outstanding.  I don’t believe I could have built this airplane without them.  Keep up the good work. Mike, Dufur, Oregon

Once more thakns for the DVDs I have bought from you. They are realy very, very useful for me!!! :)  Piotr,  Lomainki near Warsaw, Poland


Your tail DVD is amazing. Talk about a time savings! I would highly recommend them to anyone. This a great service you are providing  Eric, Green Bay, WI


I have enjoyed a couple of other of your DVD's and I believe I'll end up owning most of them by the time I am done.  I appreciate the help.  Video's are so much better than reading a book.   Thanks;  Mark, McKinney, TX 


I'm not sure how many of you out there use the Homebuilt Help videos but I have to say that they have been a god-send to my Dad and I.  We read the plans, and use the instructions, but there is just something special about being able to watch someone else do the work and learn from it.  I have saved time and money through less wasted parts, and am building a safer aircraft because of those tapes.  To be frank - having the direct feedback, and being shown what to do, is brilliant.  Wayne, Chicago,  IL


We mounted a flat TV on the shop wall and bought a cheap DVD Player. We watch every segment of the video once or twice then make the part, sometimes we will skip and review certain words to make sure that we are right. We have found that the picture plans supplied by XXX are out of order and somewhat incomplete. We are actually building the xxx with your DVD’s. We think that they are very good. I own my own manufacturing company and we make some quite complicated equipment, I am the engineer so it is very easy for me to follow the instructions  Mac, Pike Road, AL 


Thanks so much.  I love doing business with you.  I don't think the plane would ever get done without your help.  The plans for the xxxr are very confusing at times and I depend on your DVD's so that I can understand what they are talking about.  D, CT 

Hi Jon, TNX for the quick response on my problem.Your dvd's  take all the hair pulling out of trying to decifer the plans, good job. Rich,  Duluth, GA 

Hi, Really appreciate your  service. Very impressed by your attitude. I bought your metalworking 101 DVD a few years ago and i found it fascinating and very well presented. Just took me a few years to pluck up the courage to order a kit :-) John, Chepstow, UK

I want to thank you for providing such great products. I would never have attempted building my 701 project with out the help of your DVD's. I longed for many years to build my own airplane but until I found you DVD's it was just a dream, but thanks to you, the dream is taking shape. I recently ordered the Onex volume 1 DVD for a friend and he has been devouring it ever since. Robert, Heath Springs, SC 

All DVDs received. Have watched a couple already, VERY IMPRESSED with the detail! Will certainly recommend! Brendon, Currimundi, Australia

...  Although I'm not done yet the end is at least insite and I couldnt imagine how far behind I would be without your videos so thanks again..  Jevon, Hudson, WI 

I received my DVDs only three days after placing my order. I appreciate the rapid turnaround.

The video is great. It's exactly what I needed to answer the question, "Can I do this?"  I appreciate your clear teaching style as well as the high-quality picture. Mike, Fair Oaks, CA 

The videos are a great help… guiding me and reassuring me that I am doing the correct thing  G,  Manassas, Va

Good morning HomebuiltHelp,

I enjoyed watching Weight & Balance 101, it clarified datums and calculations.

I like the measured delivery, it helps in understanding, and allows a little time for the concepts to sink in. Thank you for a great training tool. Charles, Rainsville, NM 

Your videos have made building my RV12 so much easier! Many thanks. Glenn, Oakton, VA 

I find your video's much more than helpful. It's a lovely set of plans Sonic provides, but would never help or allow  this kit builder to complete the project. Thanks again.  Richard, Albuquerque, NM 

 ... I really like the videos.  One could experience a lot of the build just by watching.  I haven't chosen a kit yet but the videos are a big part of my process.  I will probably not buy any kit you don't have a video of.  I had a conversation with a guy who did a 701 with your videos and he said it helped a lot. Ryan, Columbus, OH

The only major problem that I've had with your videos, so far, is that I wasn't with you to help build it :) Gwen, RIio Rancho, NM 

 I have a couple of friends here in West Australia building the Onex. I will let them know about your DVDs. They are such great assistance to anyone building the aircraft. Cheers Richard

Hello, I am building an RV12 and have been using your DVD's to help me through the project. Thanks very much and thanks for offering such a great tool in the DVD's. They have been a great help in getting me through the build. Dennis, Coto de Caza, CA 


Love the new DVD's.  I've gotten through the first two so far. Lots of little tips.  I never thought of stringing the wire at this time.  It's now done.

Great tip.

Just wanted to thank you for the dvd update!  They are very appreciated and I'm looking forward to watching them.  I'm sure I'll get some great tips and inspiration, same as your previous dvds. I can honestly say I would not have attempted my build without your dvds, your scratch building basics dvd provided some great insight into forming aluminum parts and the simple tools needed to accomplish tasks, and your wing and fueselage dvds build confidence, provide a great perspective on build sequence and provide some good motivation to complete that next assembly! Clint, Cedar Rapid, IA

Jon, you are Great!
  Love your videos and your customer service is outstanding!  I'll be making my first trip to Oshkosh in 10 years.  I'll look for you to thank you personally. Thomas, Sandia Park, NM

Thanks.    This videos are great.  I can't be the only one finding the blueprints to be a challenge Tim, Elma, NY 

Although I have spent most of my aviation maintenance career working with factory "blueprints" and manuals, I am coming around to really liking videos more.
It is so cool to see the installation being performed on a Waiex, and then I can turn around and perform the same work on my own Waiex. I actually take my laptop out to the hangar so I can watch the Viking DVD's while I work (yes - I take my laptop with me out to the hangar so I can watch the videos). Don,
Folsom, CA 

You have saved me at LEAST 50 percent of my build time on my CH701.  I have all of the videos and what a time saver! Paul, O' Brien, FL 

I finished viewing the 601 rudder build video last night (viewed parts over several evenings).  It is clear, well done, well narrated, includes many tips and details for metal building, and was excellent for a metal-working tyro like me.  The narration was deliberate, clear, well enunciated, and all of the steps were well demonstrated.  The video work was sharp and steady.  A very well done production. Oscar,  Medford, OR 

I bought a Zenith 701 kit last week from a guy who had completed part of the kit already. Included in the kit was two of your videos.I just want to say how impressed I am with the video quality and help they have already provided. The plans for the plane where an older set and hard to read. Your videos along with my plans have given this first time metal builder the confidence to press forward full speed. Thank you so much for such a fine product. Vance,  Spokane, WA 

Hi…. got my DVD tonight and watched it all the way through…. very helpful and useful…. so thanks and I'm looking forward to the other volumes….. in the tools and tips, you showed a really useful angled/ramped piece of aluminum used to allow the rivet puller to get closer to rivet that was too close to a wall/etc. where without this little "tool", it would be hard to use the rivet puller..Woody, Florham Park, NJ 

Gents:  I just ordered the first Onex DVD.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.!!!!!!!!  I WILL be ordering the entire Onex build series as you make them available. Terry, Alberta, Canada

Thanks a bunch.  You guys have a great product and great service. Mike, Rineyville, KY 

Hey, Jon.  I received the new DVDs, thank you!  I wanted to publicly thank you (I have a build blog for my CH-750 that includes a ton of the readership of the Viking mailing list) for the great product and service (particularly the free update),  the new DVD has a ton of useful new info.  I've already ripped it and put it on my iPad so I can find engine info while I'm out working in my shop. Jeff, Snohomish, WA 

Thanks!  Great Service! Your videos are the greatest!  I'd be lost without them! Thanks, Frank, Lakeway, TX 

.  Can I just compliment you all on a great job.  I haven’t looked through them all yet, but I have to say that they are perfect for us.  The steps are very clearly laid out and it adds that extra layer of confidence that we are doing the job correctly. Niall, Carlow, Ireland

....Secondly, I wish to inform you on how much I enjoy your videos.  I find then very helpful to me.  Before starting any steps I always watch your video at least two to three times before attempting any new steps in the build process.  This lets me visualize the work to be performed before starting.  Your videos have greatly helped me to complete the empennage section of my RV-12. I plan to start the wings next.  The wing kit is sitting in my garage waiting for me to start.  I plan to review your wings video a number of times before starting.  I also plan to review the fuselage and finishing videos in the near future to provide me with a greater view and understanding of the other kits to follow. I want to have a clear understanding of the whole project and your informative videos provide me with this capability Les, Cottage Grove, OR 

I received the DVD, and I'm very satisfied with the product. Althought I speak Spanish and my English  is not very good, the video is well understood. Antonio, Madrid, Spain

I love the “Scratch Building Basics for Metal Aircraft’ DVD!  I wish I’d had it even before I bought the plans.  I would have save myself a whole lot of head scratching and made better parts to boot! Bob, Santa Fe, NM 

Thanks Jon & Staff Appreciate it and thanks for all of your work !  I am sure I will end up buying more products from you ,I thought the ones I have purchased were a great value. GD, Lowell, WI 

Wow! Thanks a million! Love the videos and I'll sure be buying lots more. Please continue making them  Patrick, Guntown, MS 

I'm on Disk #2 of Fuselage. I had a hard time deciphering the Van's instruction on which holes to Dimple on the first step on the Firewall.  20 seconds of watching your video cleared up the confusion! Great Job! I will be buying the Finishing Kit video as soon as I order the kit next week. Thanks,  Keith, Louisville, KY 

I was referred to your RV-12 DVD set by the VAF forum and was just very impressed.    But the point of this email was to thank you for choosing to make these DVDs in particular, for the obvious clarity with which they are produced and - especially - for having a server that can allow viewing of the samples without undue delay. Best wishes and congrats on having a good idea, well executed. Jack  P.S. I'm sure you know this...but just in case:  the raves on your video series on VAF can be found at:

I must say your DVD's are very good. I would be completely lost if I didn't have the DVD's to watch and re-watch over and over prior to some of the assembly. In the beginning I thought they were rather expensive, but now I think they were worth every penny of what I paid. Jim, Severn, MD 

Hi Guys a groupd of us here in Queensland Australia just spent last weekend Going thro all your RV-12 & Viking Engine Installation DVD's All the guys where most Impressed with the Presentations as I was ..! Certainly filled in many Questions on Building for us all here. So after that I can HIGHLY recommend to anyone Interested in Building any type of Aircraft to get this set of Video's. S, Queensland, Australia

 I have built two prior homebuilt aircraft...spent hundreds of hours in reading and researching yet many of your tips were far better than any I had discovered from the 'so-called experts'. Just one of the many tips you guys provided would more...more...(did I say MORE?) than saved the cost of your DVD many times over.  All I can say is...THANK YOU!!! your presentation was a complete BARGAIN of the first order.Your 2-DVD video presentation was fantastic. You put together the best overview and simple explanation I believe could have ever been done by anyone (Kudos).  Ron, Tollhouse, CA 

Just to congratulate you.  Very good videos.  Very clear and concise.  I am very satisfied with them. Your must know that English is not my native language and normally I have some problems to understand spoken English if talked too fast, but this is not the case with your videos. Gilberto , Jalisco, Mexico

Although your videos may seen to compete with the workshop, I believe they are more of a motivating factor to get potential customers involved in the project. .  Some people will not be able to attend the workshop no matter what the incentive   Joe, Barnwell, SC 

Jon, I told Ken at Vans support how happy I was with your video. You should work out a deal with Vans. It could be the last hurdle for someone considering buying an RV-12 kit Keith, Louisville, KY 

I have immensely enjoyed the videos and found that they have increased the speed of my build as the picture paints a thousand words but the video paints a million.  They also help pass the time of day at work!  James, Gauteng, S Africa

Thanks for taking time to make these videos!  They have been and continue to be very much a part of my building process and a real time saver. Larry, Hallsville, TX 

I have used your tail sections DVDs to complete my stabilizer and elevator for my 701.  Your video demonstration of HOW to do something along with the detailed plans listing of details of what is being done and the manuals presentation of a sequence to follow make a great 3 part prep for any construction  Thanks for a great product. Your videos are an essential part of the process for me, A&P or no A&P  D., Pickens, SC (A&P)

I have all your videos and must say it just makes the entire process more enjoyable and saves money from making an error in assembly.  Life before video was mostly work. James, Jacksonville, FL 

Have memorized your dvd's and feel I can proceed full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes (hope my wife doesn't peruse this e-mail)  Michael, Glenville, NY 

A lot of nice instructions in these disks, it's really a big thing on your part for the aviation community.  Sleep is not possible with these videos :-), pure first-hand knowledge is superb.  Anew, Poland