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Viking Aircraft Engine
Installation Instructions & Demonstrations

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Note: The pictures on this page do not reflect the latest design/updates as shown on these latest release DVD videos. Updated: April 2015

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For those experimental aircraft builders that are planning on using a Viking aircraft engine in their homebuilt - please read on!  This video was filmed on location at the Viking Aircraft design facility utilizing a variety of popular homebuilt aircraft models as installation platforms.

This DVD presentation is part of the official installation materials required for a proper installation of the Viking engine. Together with the online installation specifications located at www.VikingAircraftEngines.com , the information on these DVDs must be followed as per the directives of the manufacturer.

This DVD is a collection of lectures and demonstrations provided by the Viking engine creator, targeted to builders who wish to learn the proper techniques for installing the Viking  engine in their aircraft.

This double DVD video (over 3 hrs runtime) discusses and demonstrates the following topics:

Electrical design and installation

Observe and understand the special considerations for wiring this fuel injected engine in your aircraft.  Special considerations make it critical that you follow these steps in order to have a safe, reliable setup. Dual wiring busses and battery systems are discussed at length along with the ECU computer and associated components. Demonstrations of electrical crimping techniques that are required are shown to provide the builder with an idea of the workmanship that is needed.

Virtually every electrical connection needed for the Viking engine is discussed and shown in location on the aircraft and panel. The mandated electrical design is shown and explained.  There is no guesswork left to the builder!

ElS panels and related sensors.

Because electronic engine monitoring is a required aspect of modern homebuilt avionics, a detailed discussion of EIS connections with the Viking engine is explained. Understanding the sensors on the engine, along with the software settings in the Grand Rapids EIS is provided in the video.

Fuel system design and installation.

A modern fuel injected engine like the Viking requires a fuel system design and implementation that is no familiar to most builders.  The video explains and demonstrates the creation of the required components and plumbing connections that are required.  Fuel pumps, filters, selector switches, and return lines are all discussed at lengths.  Again, no guesswork for the builder.

Throttle, Cowling, Propeller installation.

All details necessary for a reliable engine are explained and demonstrated in their own video chapters. Fitting and trimming your cowling  is demonstrated, as well as installing the propeller. Part numbers are provided to make it easy to find the components you may need from popular aircraft supply houses. Using your DVD player's remote control, you are able to quickly navigate to these video chapters for review, as needed.

Installation procedures have been designed to apply to nearly all aircraft models, except as noted in the videos. Several examples are provided for specific aircraft models. The information provided in these videos should allow the builder to understand the issues required for a successful installation in any aircraft.


This affordable 2 DVD video is approximately 3 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $40 price includes handling and first class postage. (International orders welcome, air mail postage included!)

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    Cowl installation                                              Preparing throttle cable


Engine sensor identification                                           clamp installation on fuel hose




Preparing engine mount

Engine on hoist

Assembling fuel module

Explaining wiring diagram

Fuse block

Wiring Starter