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How we Built our
A step by step video for builders of the Affordaplane ultralight.

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How we Built our Affordaplane is a complete video set demonstrating how to build the popular ultralight aircraft. The Affordaplane is the only plans-built ultralight available that does not require special skills (no welding) and only standard shop tools (drill, saw, rivet gun, etc).  The materials needed for assembly are all readily available from local suppliers (aluminum tubing, hardware, etc). Plans are required to be purchased from the designer here: Affordaplane Plans   (not included with videos).

A portion of this video set can be seen on HomebuiltHelp's YouTube channel: Watch    It is best to preview these YouTube videos as you can quickly appreciate the scope and detail of the instructional material that makes building very simple. This video set includes all of the Youtube videos plus another 30 segments that go into deeper construction detail. Included are instructions and demonstrations on wing fabric covering, creating templates for bending the aluminum tubing, and creating simple jigs for wing rib formation.

The demonstrations and instructions are provided by a seasoned aircraft builder.  This means that standard aircraft practices are employed such as: working with aircraft AN hardware, creating nicropress cable fittings, and respecting edge distance when drilling holes - including deburring. Every aspect of the build was designed to not require special equipment. Power tools for cutting and drilling aluminum tubing and sheet stock is all that is required. Setting up a workbench capable for building this project is detailed too! We show the installation of a Polini 202 engine. You can choose an appropriately sized engine of your choice.

This video set does NOT demonstrate or instruct the flying of this ultralight. It does show complete construction from raw materials to ready to fly configuration. You can see the Affordaplane fly by pilots that have completed their projects.  For example here: FlyingDemo1   FlyingDemo2    FlyingDemo3     MoreDetails1    MoreDetails2

The Affordaplane is designed to comply with Part 103 FAA regulations that regulate ultralight aircraft equipment - if built to plans details.  For example, the maxium weight of the aircraft cannot exceed 254 lbs empty.  The building demonstration in our video set resulted in the ultralight weighing 5 lbs over this limit. It is up to the builder to carefuly monitor the weight of all components to keep the completed weight under the 254 limit. If this weight is greatly exceeded, the aircraft can be registered as Experimental. It would then require registration with the FAA and a pilots license to fly.  Please research the regulations regarding ultralights online here: REGS

Note: This video production is simply a demonstration of how we built our Affordaplane.. It does not replace or supersede the documentation or plans provided by the designer..  It is meant to be an aid in building the ultralight and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders. Parts, procedures, and designs change with time and these videos are not kept up to date with ongoing changes from the designer.

This video set (about 15 hrs duration) is packaged on a USB thumb drive (V2 and 3). It contains approximately 80 MP4 video files. Many computers and TVs can read these files.  Before ordering, make sure your video player is compatible with MP4 files and can accept a USB interface.  The files can be copied to your system or be played directly from the thumb drive. The $69 price includes first class postage (US). (International orders welcome, first class postage added)


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Fuselage assembled on bench following pattern

Torqueing bolts for maximum strength

Tail wheel spring fashioned from utility trailer

Covering rudder with fabric

Fuselage on gear

Just about done!

Engine installation procedure

Tubing from metal supplier ready for building!

Using a pizza bottom for tracing tailfeather curve

Tail assembly made with gussetts and bolts

Discussion of rivet use and selection

Wing covering completed

Template drawing piror to building elevator

Checking engine/prop thrust prior to flying

Attaching the stabilizer to fuselage

Building wing