The Zenair Newsletter is excited to announce the availability of a computer CD disk that contains a compilation of the last 166 issues of the newsletter, spanning over 30 years! For the first time, this CD archive allows a Zenith builder or pilot to have access to the entire wealth of information and history available in the complete library of newsletters. It was quite an undertaking - each and every back issue was scanned onto an easy to use CD disk. Using modern computer technology, this provides some amazing capabilities. In addition to providing direct access for reading each issue, the most useful feature of this technology is the ability to search for a word or words across the entire library of issues within seconds! This capability means that you can quickly locate any topic in the library of newsletters by typing in a keyword in the search box on your screen. For example, by entering "Memo from Chris", you can quickly navigate to each article that Chris Heintz has contributed to the newsletter. Another example: typing in "edge distance" took me to an article from Chris about correcting a problem of having too little edge distance while building. The possibilities are endless and - it is a lot of fun to search for those forgotten and hard to find articles from builders over the last 30 years of Zenith aircraft building! Each newsletter is contained in a PDF file on the CD which means you can display each newsletter page on your computer screen and make the typeface as large as you want for easy reading. You can also print any individual page to create your own hardcopies for easy reference. The latest copy of Adobe Reader is included so that no special software for your computer is required. You may be spending many evenings reading these back issues for the priceless information as they apply to your project. This disk is available to current Zenair Newsletter subscribers for $49 which includes shipping (US only). You should find this price much more attractive when compared to that of producing the paper hardcopy equivalent and shipping charges. For those that already own the hardcopy back issues, the CD makes a wonderful companion by providing the search capability.  (questions? email: )

If  you prefer, you may send a check for $49 (US funds) to:

Zenair News
PO Box 111
Brussels, WI 54204