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How we Built our
Belite UltraCub/ProCub aluminum Cabin
A step by step video demonstration for builders of the popular Belite UltraCub kit.

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How we Built our Belite Cabin is a double DVD disk set designed for both the beginning and advanced builder. This is the first in a series of DVD titles showing the step by step procedures we used in constructing the Belite UltraCub ultralight. This DVD title is the starting point of the process and focuses on the aluminum cabin construction. At the conclusion of this DVD set the cabin will appear as shown in the first picture.The pictures on this webpage were captured from the actual video footage in order to show a sample of the procedures covered.

This aluminum cabin is shared between the UltraCub and ProCub Belite models for the most part so this DVD title can be used for both models. This DVD series will continue showing the remaining construction for the UltraCub ultralight model.

While your Belite ultralight is supplied with construction manuals, this DVD set will greatly increase both the speed and enjoyment of construction! When you can visually see the parts used and sequence of construction steps, a major amount of time and frustration is eliminated from the build process. HomebuiltHELP has been making builder assist videos for more than 10 years - and the proof of benefit can be found here.

Whether you have taken delivery of a Belite ultralight - or - are just considering a purchase, these DVDs allow you to evaluate the building effort ahead of time. For the small price of these DVDs, you can understand the construction process by watching someone else build from the comfort of your living room. If you are in fact building your own Belite, this DVD series will save you money from parts that can be ruined from misdrilling and improper installation. Watching over someone's shoulder reduces errors by a great margin. The time and head scratching from trying to figure out installation directions from a printed page is dramatically reduced by watching us first!

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by Belite Aircraft. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit.  It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders. Parts, procedures, and designs change with time and these videos are not kept up to date with ongoing changes from the manufacturer.

This affordable 2 disk DVD video is approximately 3 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $39 price includes handling and first class postage (US). (International orders welcome, first class postage added)


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Front cabin assembly

Attaching longerons

First Crossbox installation

Squaring up bottom before riveting

Side skin installation

Top frame construction

Finished UltraCub (courtesy Belite Aircraft)

Cabin appearance at conclusion of DVD instructions

Discussion of tools needed for the build

Taking inventory of parts

Riveting engine frame

Gusset fitting

Critical star junction

Bending part in a brake demonstration

Additional crossbox assemblies

Notching technique with bandsaw

Drilling rear crossbox