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601XL to CH650 Canopy Conversion
A step by step video guide for converting your 601XL canopy to the new style CH650 canopy

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This DVD demonstrates the procedure for converting the original CH601XL style bubble canopy to the new style of canopy found on the CH650 aircraft kit. Zenith Aircraft provides a kit for those wanting to make this conversion on their 601XL models. This video presents a step by step demonstration on performing the conversion using this kit.  Whether you are just thinking about upgrading canopies and want to witness the tasks involved with the installation - or - are ready to get started now - this DVD is a must have to ensure a successful conversion.  Watching this video will allow you to quickly evaluate the scope of tasks needed to complete the changeover.  The conversion process in this video was produced by Gus Warren of Flywithgus.com who is a 14 year A&P mechanic with extensive experience in building and maintaining the Zenith line of aircraft.

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by Zenith Aircraft. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit.  It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

This affordable  DVD video is approximately 90 minutes in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $42 price includes handling and first class postage. (US)  (International orders welcome)

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Cutting the bubble into 2 pieces

Installing new gussets

Creating cardboard template for rear skin

Fabricating trim strip


 What the final installation looks like after conversion

Removing the top skin from the 601XL

Installing the bearing for latch tube

Installing the latch fittings

Rigging the rollover tube assembly

Initial fitting of bubble before cutting

Installing from plate cover

Installing front half of bubble