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How we Built our Zenith
A step by step video guide for builders of the popular Zenith CH750 CruZer aircraft kit.

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This DVD title is a double disk volume in a series of videos covering the entire build process for the CH750 CruZer kit. How we Built our WINGS is a great starting place to begin your project there are no prerequisite assemblies that need to be completed prior to building the wings and flaperons. To get started, you only need a legal set of plans for the aircraft and at least the wings sub kit from Zenith. The WINGS DVDs take you from the very beginning steps of assembling the wing skeleton and includes the fuel tank installation. The entire construction of the wing is accomplished using a single set of saw horses - no fancy tables or workbench required!  The pictures on this page were captured from the actual video footage in order to show the scope of construction provided in this video volume.

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by Zenith Aircraft. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit.  It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

This affordable 2 disk DVD video is approximately 2.75 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $45 price includes handling and first class US postage. (International orders welcome)


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Tip rib assembly

Fuel sender installation

Trailing edge installation

Parts for flaperon

Pitot tube installation

 Cable and fuel routing

 Flaperon tip trimming


Assembling the ribs to spar

Installing the bottom skin

Nose skin installation detail

Final riveting

Preliminary gas tank fitting

Drilling sender hole in tank

Corking the bottom for tank

Spar fitting assembly detail

 Building flaperon skeleton

 Flaperon skin

 Mass weight balance installation