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RV Rudder Workshop

A step by step video guide for building the rudder of a popular Vans RV aircraft kit

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Watching this video is the next best thing to attending a hands-on builder's metalworking workshop!

This video presentation was designed for the first time builder of an RV aircraft kit. Learn by watching - first: an explanation and demonstration of the tools needed -- then watch as the rudder is built before your eyes!

This instructional video has 2 major sections: The first section contains an overview and demonstration of the tools and techniques that are required for building an RV aircraft.  These specialized building techniques center around riveting with solid rivets - essential for the RV aircraft. Many specialized tools are required for this type of construction and are discussed and demonstrated.  Techniques that are shown include: dimpling, countersinking, deburring, drilling, back riveting and pop riveting. A full discussion of the types of rivets that are used along with their important characteristics is included in this first section of the video.  The tools for measuring proper rivet setting (rivet gauges) are shown and demonstrated.  Some of the tools that are featured include: hand squeezer, pneumatic rivet gun, flush and universal rivet sets, dimple dies, back rivet sets, scotch-brite polishing wheel and deburring tools. This first section of the video is the important background into proper building methods that are universal for building an RV type aircraft.

The second section of the video uses all of the techniques covered in the first section to actually build the rudder for an RV7.  The rudder is typically among the very first components to be built when starting an RV aircraft project.  The challenges, skills and techniques needed to build a rudder are same ones required to complete the rest of the plane. The assembly manual supplied with the rudder is used to build the rudder by the instructor in front of your eyes.  It provides a realistic view into just what it takes to complete an RV kit plane.  It is an excellent way to see what tools are needed and how to use them in a practical environment.  This second section of the video ends with a completed rudder.

What a great way to find out if an RV project is something you would like to get involved with!

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by Van's Aircraft.   It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

Sample video from the DVD:

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Removing a rivet

Back riveting demo

Detailed explanation of proper rivet sizing





Preparing rudder skins

Attaching stiffeners to skin

Back riveting stiffeners to skin

Assembling rib to spar

Assembly of spar tip

Dimpling skins

Riveting  skin to spar

Riveting demonstration with bucking bar

Countersink cage

Rivet gauge

Dimple squeezer

Deburring demo