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Deep Inside your Rotax 2 Cycle Engine

Photos from the video

You can now watch over the shoulder of an authorized Rotax service technician as he tears down a 2 cycle aircraft engine!

If you can't attend a Rotax engine workshop, then owning this DVD is the next best thing!

Alan Laymon, owner of Solo Aviation, an authorized Rotax repair station with 10 years of experience with 2 cycle aircraft engines, explains in clear language at each step of his inspection process as he disassembles an engine. You can now see and understand what procedures are involved with the 150 and 300 hour inspection/rebuild services.  Alan points out the places carbon accumulates, where the common areas of wear occur, and other signs indicating the possibility of potential failures. The specialized Rotax engine tools are demonstrated as to their function in removing various internal components. Installation and maintenance tricks are also demonstrated and explained for the purpose of heading off future engine failures that can lead to disaster.

Some of the areas and functions of the engine that are demonstrated in detail include:

  • One of the most detailed carburetor overhauls you have ever seen - with clear explanations at each step!
  • What comes in a carb rebuild kit... where do all the pieces go?
  • Identification and removal of all carb jets and float adjustment
  • Overwhelming evidence of what moisture does inside your engine
  • How moisture gets into your engine!
  • The proper way to clean and re-oil those air filters
  • Where carbon accumulates inside the engine, and what components have to be removed to clean it off!
  • Some examples of the impact of using unofficial Rotax parts in an aircraft engine
  • How the fan belt is adjusted and removed
  • Operation of the specialty tools for component removal and the consequences of not using them
  • Common problems to avoid when re-installing heads
  • How the throttle cable attaches to the carburetor
  • Things to look for when inspecting a used engine

Here are excerpts from unsolicited reviews from one of our first customers of this video:

Fantastic presentation. Top notch as to the quality of the video and
material presented. I have learned tons of stuff by viewing
"Deep Inside Your Rotax...." .  Information that is essential to know to
perform simple maintenance I've been doing on my Rotax 447 engine.  While I
may never do a decarb on my engine, and certainly not an overhaul, seeing
these advanced maintenance techniques performed by an expert with commentary
is not only fascinating, it produces a healthy respect for the services
offered by competent technicians.  A valuable training tool for individuals
and clubs.
Mike Thomason
Glasgow, Kentucky

The DVD arrived today and I watched about the first 10 minutes of it.  I
learned enough in that short time to know that it is more than worth the
money spent!  The suggestions on how to avoid water in the crankcase and the
ideas about varnish in the carb bowls are both concepts that had not
occurred to me before, so I'll be implementing them right away.
Stennis Space Center, MS


This DVD presentation is NOT intended to teach a person how to overhaul their aircraft engine. Rather, it will impart valuable knowledge about the internal operation of these engines so that the owner can effectively communicate and appreciate the skills and services of their Rotax service technician. Knowledge is power! Engine owners that consider themselves novices thru fairly advanced will greatly benefit from this presentation.

We doubt that there is any other way, short of attending a Rotax service seminar, that you will obtain this sought after knowledge about these engines - and at such a low price!  This DVD is over 2 hours in length and is quite enjoyable as it is informative to watch. The DVD is divided into chapters so you can quickly navigate to those areas of interest with your remote control for quick review.

Available on DVD for just $35.00 First class USPS shipping for U.S. and Canadian included - in the tradition of all of our videos we will not hit you with handling and shipping charges...  we want return customers and appreciate your business.   Order right now..using the Paypal button below for secure credit card payment.

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