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Build this yourself!  ADS-B receiver
We made a free video showing how you can build your own ADS-B receiver for just $100 !

You will be surprised how easy it is to add weather and traffic to your navigational display (Foreflight and others) using this home made box. This YouTube video we made will explain how to do this. Click to watch right now!                                            
Watch how to build ADS-B receiver video
Our newest DVD release:
Installing a Continental O200 in your experimental aircraft
 A rebuilt (or new) Continental O200 is becoming more and more popular with homebuilders. This standard in the aviation community is a favorite with experimental builders because of its reliability, easy to find parts, and technical support available from almost any maintenance FBO.  This DVD set demonstrates an installation into a kit aircraft and reveals the straightforward tasks needed to make this an excellent engine option. 
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Take a step toward your dream:  purchase a DVD to evaluate your next project! 

We feature step by step DVD video demonstrations for
Zenith, Vans and Sonex aircraft kits.
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