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Installing and Adjusting your new Propeller 
courtesy of Viking Aircraft
Regardless of the model and design of your homebuilt, you will need to choose and install a propeller onto the flange of your engine. Many models of props used today on homebuilt aircraft are ground adjustable: they can have their pitch set for optimum performance (adjusted on the ground, not in flight!) 

Setting the pitch must be done by the builder. This process can be intimidating for the beginner. While prop manufacturers provide written instructions, following the example of a seasoned professional adds plenty of confidence to this process.

Watch Jan, from Viking Aircraft, explain and demonstrate how he sets up a popular brand of propeller on one of his engines. He is constantly testing and adjusting props as part of his engine manufacturing business.

Note: This is a 15 minute clip edited from a more complete presentation.
Installing (above) and adjusting (below) of popular ground adjustable propeller
Does the topic of Weight & Balance seem less than exciting?
Completing a homebuilt aircraft requires calculating and documenting the weight & balance figures for your plane and presenting them to the inspector. For many builders this task is confusing and complicated.  We have a video to make this simple and easy to understand.

This DVD is specifically designed to teach the experimental aircraft builder who is not comfortable with weight & balance concepts how to perform the required calculations for their aircraft. We make it easy for you to understand the concepts required to perform your own weight and balance analysis on your aircraft and then document the findings for the inspection process.

DVD video explains practical concepts of W&B

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