Builder Tip #11 from HomebuiltHELP 
Venting a popular non-vented Gas Cap
courtesy of Capt Mike Wilson
The fuel system on your homebuilt needs to be properly vented. Unexpected engine stoppages from fuel starvation has been traced to inadequate venting of gas tanks - as air must replace the space that is created when fuel exits the tank. Many aircraft kits specify in their plans how to provide for proper venting, and these plans should be followed.

Often times the method for venting is accomplished by way of using a gas cap that is designed to allow air to be brought in (without letting fuel or contaminants in or out). Not all caps are designed for venting - and this can limit our choices if we need this feature.

Our Tip of the Week shows step by step how you can modify one of the more popular non-vented locking gas caps used in homebuilt aircraft  to provide the venting you may desire. This video is a great example of how parts from your local hardware store can be used to creatively adapt your aircraft project to meet specific needs.
Before and after modification of gas caps.
Did you ever wonder why HomebuiltHELP creates step by step video demonstrations for these aircraft kit companies:
Zenith, Vans, Sonex ??
The answer is that these companies produce popular, easy to build kits that you can finish and fly in a relatively short period of time.  Many builders of these models are first timers - as these kits are well suited for the skills of the novice.

We chose to build, film and explain each step of the construction process so that your chances of completing and flying your aircraft remain incredibly high. When you can see each step of building before your eyes, your chances of success go way up.  If your time is worth something, the enhanced speed of building provides a huge payoff.  The fear of damaging a component from improper installation dries up when you can watch in advance!

Be sure to browse our website and identify these three great kit manufacturers - and learn about the building process from the many pictures we have provided showing construction of their exciting aircraft.

Above: Zenith CH750 , Below: Sonex Onex

Above: Vans RV-12
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No more dreaming. Purchase a video, watch, decide, then order the real thing. The videos make it a lot easier to finish and start flying!  

We feature step by step DVD video demonstrations for
Zenith, Vans and Sonex aircraft kits.
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