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The Modern way to build an Engine Mount
This week we are fortunate to have Jan at Viking Aircraft Engines show us how technology allows the quick and accurate construction of custom engine mounts. While not all of us will want to attempt to build their own mount, it does allow us to understand how computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing is making its way into our aircraft components.

There have always been builders that weld and create their own engine mounts. Traditionally, this process required careful grinding of metal tubes and extensive, accurate jigging prior to welding.  In the method shown here, the latest CAD designed and manufactured tubes allow the welder to quickly and precisely build the engine mount. The key is to understand and make use of the CAD capabilities that are becoming available in the market.

This video segment is not an attempt to offer these services to the public - rather it is simply to demonstrate what is available  and being used in some shops today. Advanced builders should be taking advantage of these new methods.

Get your friends involved with Aircraft kit building!
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Before you buy a kit.., get a video, watch, educate yourself, then order the real thing. The videos make it a lot easier to decide before making the big purchase!  

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