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Choosing a Rubber Fuel Line for your Homebuilt
Rubber fuel line hose is a popular choice for many builders and is also very easy and fast to install. Many of us visit the local auto parts store to obtain our rubber hose and often may not be sure what quality of product we are getting.  Is there a way to tell?

This Tip of the Week explores the methods of identifying rubber fuel hose so we can shop at the auto store with confidence in knowing what we are actually installing in our homebuilt aircraft. There are big differences in quality!
Electrical 101 for Homebuilt Wiring
The toughest part for some builders is tackling the electrical wiring of their aircraft. Our DVD Electrcial 101 for your Homebuilt Aircraft  is designed to give aid and demonstrations to the electrical novice. The basics of wire selection, crimping terminals and many other details needed in wiring a homebuilt panel are covered.  We are also now including (no extra charge) a copy of Steinair's video demonstrations of assembling cables, connectors, pins and more with your order!
Don't forget that past Tip of the Week articles and videos are listed on the Archive Listing page on our website.  You can check back there for future reference and review of these tips.You can also reach that page from a link on the top, right side of our home page.
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