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Fueling a high wing aircraft without the benefit of a pump and hose is always a chore and challenge.  Many of us that use auto gas and lug 5 gallon jugs to the top of the wing know the struggles of not spilling and making good use of properly sized funnels! 

Watch this short segment that shows a technique one of our customers came up with to make refueling a LOT easier!

What is the most Challenging Homebuilt Aircraft Kit Project?

The aircraft kits that are constructed with SOLID rivets!
A number of popular homebuilt kits are designed to use solid rivets (instead of blind or 'pop' rivets).

Watch these short video presentations on riveting techniques using solid rivets. These video clips are from our DVD on building a Vans RV7 rudder. It is a great way to become familiar with the effort and skills needed to assemble aircraft that require these types of fasteners

#2 Video clip: Learn to decipher the various solid rivet sizes and types

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