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More Header Tank Examples

There was plenty of interest generated from our last Header Tank Tip a few weeks ago! We will add to that knowledge base this week with more examples of builder's contribution to this important facet of fuel plumbing options.

Also featured in this short video clip is the header tank kit commercially available from Skytek Aircraft. They manufacture a complete header fuel system for the Rotax 912 family of engines that has been endorsed by Rotax for use with their engines. Of great interest to builders is not just that this becomes an option for those that prefer not to "roll their own", but also Skytek explains some important design issues affecting all fuel header tank designs. After watching, you will have a new appreciation for why proper fuel plumbing is critical for a safe system.

You cannot consider constructing a header tank system without the knowledge of fuel system plumbing!
Our new DVD is aimed at addressing the skills and knowledge needed to install the fuel lines in a homebuilt aircraft.

We have attempted to place the basic instructions and demonstrations for plumbing a homebuilt aircraft fuel system on one DVD. Whether you want to use rubber fuel hose, aluminum rigid tubing, or high tech braided flex hoses - it is all here on our new DVD.

The goal was to target homebuilders that already feel comfortable using rubber fuel line to now "move up" to rigid metal tubing. We show the material, tools, and skills required to start using tubes and fittings needed to replace some of those rubber lines. If you never thought you could run rigid tubing for a fuel line - we are looking for you! Cutting, bending, flaring - it's all there. Plus: how to select the right aluminum tubing.

Of equal importance is the use of the newer stainless steel braided Teflon flex hoses - almost as easy to use as rubber hose, but with greater durability and fire protection. We show how you can make these yourself - or purchase ready to go.

Please visit the detailed information on our new DVD and think about learning something new today!
Above: Only the NPT side of a fitting uses sealant
Above: Fittings you choose can allow rubber, metal rigid, or flex hose connections
  Above: Oil line plumbing - similar components & skills used for Fuel lines
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