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Preparing Bare Aluminum for Painting

Those builders that plan on painting their aluminum skinned aircraft need to properly prepare the surface so that  the paint will not fall off!  Aluminum has always been a challenge to get paint to stick.

This short video shows the technique of applying an acid etch followed by a conversion coating to create the ideal surface for paint to adhere properly.  It is a simple process that uses two inexpensive chemicals readily available from your aircraft supply house.  Once you see how it is done, you will never worry about getting the paint to stick to your pride and joy!

Sonex just released their new 'B' model aircraft. 
We have the step by step DVD that shows how the tail is assembled.
Sonex recently announced that they are replacing their popular aircraft  with the new 'B' model (larger cabin, bigger fuel tank, etc). 
Our Sonex Tail DVD demonstrates construction of the tail components of this new model (the tail of the Sonex B remains unchanged from the previous model).

If you are considering building this new Sonex aircraft, watching this DVD will provide detailed insight into the effort required to build this kit. If you are building, this DVD will save many hours of your time by showing the sequence of parts assembly and shortcuts from an experienced builder.

Above: Skinning the Stabilizer
Above: Assembling the rudder skeleton
  Above: Oil line plumbing - similar components & skills used for Fuel lines
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