Builder Tip #3 from HomebuiltHELP 
Watch: Builder Video Tip of the Week! (#3)
Your Smart phone can be a smart tool to use when building your plane.  Watch how we use one of the many apps available on your mobile device (tablet or phone) to help measure the sweep of control surfaces on a home built aircraft under construction.

What is the most Challenging and Rewarding type of build?

Building your Aircraft from SCRATCH!  (plans-built)
A special class of builders demand to build their aircraft from "scratch"  (otherwise known as plans built).  This means that they create the parts from raw materials: aluminum sheet, steel tubes, etc. instead of purchasing the parts from a kit manufacturer.  

The first step in the process is to purchase a set of engineering plans which details the dimensions of the parts to be created. Several kit companies provide these type of plans for this purpose.  Then, the fun begins!  Tools, techniques, and perseverance come next.  Watch the sample clip from the HomebuiltHELP video on Scratch Building Basics to see if you could be part of this elite group:

Free Bending Brake Plans
with your DVD order
November only!
(Our Black November Special)
The bending brake used by Mark in the Scratch Building video was also scratch built by Mark!  The plans for building this tool will be shipped on CD (PDF format) with your Scratch Building DVD order - only for orders during the month of November.                                                   

Order Now: Scratch Building Basics w/ Brake plans
Place your order now.  Have it available for watching over the holidays (and free brake plans)
This $39 Video is one of our best selling titles and has changed the lives of more than a few builders by opening their eyes to what is possible -  by watching others succeeding at scratch building their own aircraft.
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