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The Surprise in my Flat Tire

No fun finding a flat on one of your aircraft tires!  Especially when it is not obvious why or when the flat occurred. A quick inspection shows no signs of puncture or damage. Filling it with air only keeps it alive for about 5 minutes.

Inspecting the inner tube requires the effort of pulling the wheel (brakes and bearings need to come off).  It is one of those tasks you don't want to do while away from your home base!

Watch the video to discover the rather interesting surprise we found inside. It may help you avoid a similar flat tire on your aircraft.

Above: Pulling inner tube from tire
Above: Thank neighbor for excellent jack!
Installing a Bubble Canopy is the definition of a "Challenge" !
We do not have a DVD devoted to installing canopies on home built aircraft, except this one here: Canopy Conversion which is devoted specifically to the Zenith CH601/CH650 model. While it is difficult to envision a generic tutorial for canopy installations for all homebuilt models,  watching the installation process on similar aircraft can be a huge benefit to making the job a lot easier.

We have a couple of good demonstrations of canopies being installed in kit aircraft. One is in the Onex  kit and the other is in the Zenith CH601/CH650.

The principles used for fitting, cutting and installing these canopies are universal enough that they apply to more than just these specific models. Use these DVDs for your project to save time and money!
Above/below: Fitting bubble Canopy
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