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Testing Your Homebuilt's Antenna

Installing communication antennas on an aircraft is an intimidating task for many builders. The job is not complete until the coax cable is connected and you turn the radio on - often wondering if it will all work as expected the first time! How does one know if the antenna is "tuned" optimally - or worse yet - whether any wiring errors on the cable connectors will damage your expensive radio.

This week we show how a sophisticated antenna analyzer is available and simple to use - letting you know before you power on the radio if the antenna system is actually configured properly.  This device provides real confidence when installing com antennas in your homebuilt aircraft.

Above: Antenna meter displaying the results
Above: antennas installed with confidence!
Fuel Plumbing still a hot Topic
Our new Fuel system Plumbing DVD released a couple months ago has been exceptionally well received by builders. We felt it a good idea to remind our audience that obtaining good fuel system knowledge and skills is critical in creating a safe aircraft. The days of using rubber hoses for all fuel connections is over - as the average builder now has the access and knowledge to fabricate and install rigid fuel lines as desired.

Our DVD explains the tools and procedures for plumbing an experimental aircraft fuel system utilizing: rubber hose, metal tubing, and high-tech flexible hoses. Target audience: those that have never worked with rigid fuel lines before! At just $29, this is our best value - Order one today!

Manifold for flexible fuel routing options
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