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Ever Accidentally ruin a metal part?

If you have ever unintentionally destroyed one of the metal parts that go into building your airplane (drilled, bent, or cut it wrong!) you understand the frustration, time and expense of having to order another one from the manufacturer.

When it comes to sheet aluminum parts, the chance to create a new replacement part from the old often has to do with our ability to make precision cuts from new sheet metal. Watch as we share some techniques for doing this.

Above: Tracing old part onto new stock
Above: One cutting technique demonstrated
Understand the real difference between pre-drilled skins and matched-hole design when it comes to kit building?
One of the benefits of watching a video before purchasing an aircraft kit is to learn first hand what degree of building complexity is involved with the project.

For example: Are you aware of the great difference in building time and effort between a kit that has the holes pre-drilled in its metal components and a kit that has been designed with matched-hole construction?  The difference is huge! One estimate is that the matched-hole kit design will save 40% of build time AND provide a more accurate fit and finish
To really understand and appreciate this difference, you have see for yourself how these two types of kits go together as they are being built. That's where our DVDs really give you the advantage. Case in point: The Zenith CH701 kit has pre-drillled skins. The Zenith CH750 has matched-hole kit construction. Should this feature make a difference in your decision to purchase these or any other kit?

You can see for yourself. Consider just the wing construction for the CH701 and the CH750 aircraft.
Our DVD for the CH701 Wing construction is (click here).
Our DVD for the CH750 Wing construction is (click here).

The bottom line: Before making an investment - understand fully the implications of choosing a kit that has matched-hole vs just pre-drilled parts! Watching our DVDs makes the difference crystal clear!   Your future enjoyment and success in undertaking a large project depends on minimizing unexpected surprises (time and effort expectations!)

Above: CH750 kit uses matched-hole kit design

Above: The CH701 kit utilizes pre-drilled skins. (not matched-hole)
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