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AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 - the 9 Minute Tour

On opening day of the AirVenture Oshkosh, Wisconsin air show we sampled the grounds and compiled a 9 minute video.  Not all builders are able to attend this wonderful event so we tried to cover the views that provide a sample experience for those who have never attended this event. 

You will witness the enormous number of pilots that flew their aircraft to this event as well as the vendor booths and displays representing all things aviation. Keep in mind this was filmed the first day of the show.

Above: Rotax engine booth
Above: Large military transport
Two aircraft provided rides for guests at our first HomebuiltHELP Fly in
We had more drive-in attendees than we did aircraft at our first fly-in at Crispy Cedars airport this last weekend. The fun thing to do was to provide demonstration rides in those homebuilt aircraft that did arrive for those visitors. Nearly all were actively building aircraft kits themselves, so this was a nice treat for them.

The two aircraft providing rides were equipped with a Continental O200 and a Viking 130 engine. Both pilots/builders of these aircraft  made themselves available to describe their experiences with their engine installations to the visitors.

We want to highlight our engine installation DVDs for these two engines. Watching the installation ahead of time is a wonderful way to understand the technical details associated with deciding on your choice of power plant for your homebuilt. Click on the pictures for more info on our affordable installation DVDs for these engines.
Above: Viking 130  engine

Above: Continental O200 engine

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