Builder Tip #40 from HomebuiltHELP 
Need to Locate and Drill a Hole Precisely?
Try a Strap Duplicator

The next time you are wondering how to transfer matching holes from one part to another and there seems no obvious way to do it - look to the strap duplicator.

This tool has been around for awhile - but some builders may not be familiar with it. When there is a hole underneath the material that needs a new hole drilled, this simple but ingenious tool provides the means to locate the exact location for drilling. It is one of those tools that you forget about until you really need it! The more often you replace or rebuild parts on an existing structure (like when you damage a part while building) the more you will make use of this tool. 

Watch a quick demonstration and file the idea for future use!

Above: locating a hole in a steel part for drilling
Another example of "finding" holes underneath
What is involved with Licensing your Experimental Aircraft?

Building your homebuilt is the fun and rewarding part... but getting it licensed quickly and correctly the first time.. that can be stressful and frustrating... however, we have the perfect solution!

Our DVD will walk you through each step to successfully license your experimental amateur homebuilt aircraft. While you can learn this process from reading books and doing your own research, we make it easier, quicker and less stressful by allowing our instructor to explain the details to you in an easy to understand format.


When to start the licensing process

How to choose your N number - instantly online using your computer

What is the difference between reserving and registering?

Where do I obtain the necessary FAA forms?

How long does it take to have the paperwork processed?

What are the common problems that delay the paperwork?

What happens during the inspection process?

How can I prepare for the inspection?

Can I choose my inspector?

What is the inspector looking for?

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