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Holiday Special: Free Corvair College DVD with
purchase of our newly revised 912 Competition Engine DVD
Because of the wonderful response we received last week with the announcement of our revised 912 Competition engine DVD, we are now going to include a free copy of our Corvair College DVD with purchases of the 912 Competition DVD through the end of December.
(Orders made last week will also receive their free copy in the mail!) 

This Corvair College DVD provides potential Corvair engine builders a glimpse into the experience they can expect from attending a Corvair College.   A unique method by any standard, aircraft builders work on their engines under expert supervision over a three day period at these workshops. 

Your free Corvair College DVD will be shipped with your purchase of the 912 Competition which now features updates on 3 engines: the Continental O200,  the ULPower family of engines, and VIking Aircraft Engines.  This is in addition to presentations on the Corvair, Jabiru, Great Plains, Aerovee, Rotec, Rotax, and Subaru engines.

In one sitting you can see the 10 most popular engine choices presented by their respective vendors/manufacturers and decide for yourself which is best for your project!

Price for this double DVD set and the Corvair College is just $28
Students at Corvair College rebuilding their own engines under instructor supervision
Engine blocks inspected and ready for build
And, don't forget: we have DVD videos demonstrating installations of the following engines in your homebuilt aircraft:   ROTAX, ULPower, Continental O200, Jabiru, Viking
Take a look HERE
How do you secure critical bolts on your aircraft?  Locktite, -  nyloc nuts, - castle nuts and cotter pins... or safety wire?

Another method is becoming more popular - a special locking washer that is so successful that manufacturers are specifying its use with their components.  Watch this short video and have yet another choice for fast, and secure fasteners!

Once you see it - you will not forget!

    Watch how these prop bolts are locked in place!
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