Builder Tip #6 from HomebuiltHELP 
Opportunity to Compare: 3 top popular aircraft kit projects - see and really understand how the kits go together!
HomebuiltHELP does not recommend or critique aircraft kit products. However, we do show, in a step by step manner, how the kits are assembled in our videos.

HomebuiltHELP videos allow you to experience working with these kits prior to making the important decision to purchase.

You can feel comfortable about committing to an aircraft kit project after watching someone build and explain the process of assembly on the very components you will build.

The best advice for selecting the kit that matches your needs:  Watch a complete HomebuiltHELP video on building the tail of each of the three popular kit manufacturers:  Sonex, Vans, and Zenith. This will allow you to make an informed decision based on watching the actual construction techniques required to complete the aircraft.

Here are the HomebuiltHELP DVDs that demonstrate the construction of the aircraft tails;

This is the first serious step towards undertaking your new year's project of a lifetime!

Sonex Tail under construction
    Vans RV12 Tail under construction
Zenith CH750 Tail under construction
Builder Tip of the Week:

As you get further and deeper into your kit construction, you will occasionally run across situations where the rivet gun does not fit properly into a tight area - resulting in setting a crooked rivet.  Forcing a gun into a tight area may or may not help the situation.

There is a tool and a technique that solves this problem 99% of the time!  Watch this short video we produced (taken from our building DVDs) that show how to rivet in tight places - using either a commercially available tool or build one yourself.

    A tool you can make really solves this issue!
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Take a step toward your dream:  purchase a HomebuiltHELP DVD to evaluate your next project! 

We feature step by step DVD video demonstrations for
Zenith, Vans and Sonex aircraft kits.
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