Builder Tip #7 from HomebuiltHELP 
There could be a Float kit in your Future
Of course winter has arrived, but this is the perfect way to pass the time - start building your metal float kit from Zenair! HomebuiltHELP has a detailed step by step demonstration DVD set that shows how this kit goes together -- you can decide for just a small investment in these DVDs if this kit is the right path for your project!

Zenair floats are installed and operated on all types and brands of homebuilt aircraft. If the price tag of a factory built version of these floats is heavy for your budget - consider the kit version and really save. Our DVDs make it perfectly clear what tools, time and effort is needed to build your own!
Amphibious Floats built in our DVD video
    Bulkheads leveled for assembly
Builder Tip of the Week:

Many of our tips come directly from our build videos.  This week we show how the Viking Engine designer uses an innovative method for attaching and removing the engine cowl from your homebuilt. 

It seems the traditional way is to use a series of expensive fasteners around the perimeter of the cowl halves. Often tools (screwdriver) are required to operate these fasteners and things can become complicated.  

Demonstration of simple, elegant cowl attach method

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