Builder Tip #8 from HomebuiltHELP 
How Much Tension for your Control Cables?
If your aircraft project uses cables to control the rudder or elevator surfaces, you are going to need to install and adjust these to proper tension. While the aircraft designer may specify the amount of tension required for a proper cable installation, you will be challenged to determine how to achieve these goals.

This week's Tip of the Week will demonstrate the use of a commercially available cable tension gauge to measure the tension of a homebuilt's rudder cables. Many builders may not have seen how these devices work - as we often just "guess" at cable tension adjustments on our critical aircraft control systems.
Tension Gauge measuring rudder cable
Learn about the internals of the ubiquitous Rotax 2 Cycle (503/447/582) Engines
The ever popular Rotax 2 cycle engines have been powering ultralight aircraft for decades. Many models (447, 503) are no longer produced -  which has driven the need for rebuilding the existing population as they reach their wear limits.

Our 2 DVD set: "Deep Inside Your Rotax 2 Cycle Engine" has educated countless owners on the internal workings of these engines to aid them in their efforts to maintain and analyze their condition in preparation for rebuilding.

Alan Laymon,  an authorized Rotax repair station with 10 years of experience with 2 cycle aircraft engines, explains in clear language at each step of his inspection process as he disassembles an engine. You can now see and understand what procedures are involved with the 150 and 300 hour inspection/rebuild services.

Tear down and analysis of Rotax 2 cycle engine

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