Builder Tip #9 from HomebuiltHELP 
Designing your Instrument Panel: 
How to provide easy access for future repairs and modifications
One of the most challenging  aspects of building your homebuilt aircraft is designing the layout of the instrument panel. lt seems every panel is unique - everyone chooses the instruments they like and creatively locate them on the panel.

Once your panel has been built, the instruments mounted on and behind the panel - along with their wire connections - are extremely difficult to reach. This week's Tip  will demonstrate a unique design that allows easy access to the back of your panel - a need that is often overlooked and appreciated only after the first time you need to make a repair, adjustment or alteration to any instrument on or behind the panel. 
Note how easy access can be for panel instrument repairs (shown below)
Learn how to build a glass panel for your homebuilt
Our instructional DVD: Building a Glass Panel will demonstrate the procedures you need for building a typical instrument panel for your homebuilt - utilizing both traditional round mechanical gauges and the modern glass panel components.

Many first time builders don't know where to begin when laying out their panel - so many choices!  This DVD emphasizes the planning process required in designing a glass panel for a homebuilt and shows the tools required for making the cutouts in the metal panel.

DVD video shows all steps from layout to cutouts

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Start the new year right:  Each of us should begin -  or continue working on an aircraft project!  Let our DVDs help. 

We feature step by step DVD video demonstrations for
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