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601XL Quick-Build
Tips & Techniques

A video guide to help jump start construction of the popular Zenith 601XL quick-build aircraft kit

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Get your 601XL aircraft finished and in the air - now even faster!  Many common construction tasks are explained and demonstrated.

Designed for the builder that wants to make best use of their time in completing the popular quick-build version of the 601XL aircraft kit.
(A fantastic aid to builders of the standard kit version, too!)

The 601XL quick-build aircraft was designed to provide maximum pre-assembly of kit parts to save the builder time.  This video adds to that goal by showing construction procedures for components necessary to complete the aircraft. The amount of time saved by "learning through watching" is substantial and will pay for the price of the video many times over.

This presentation does not cover the complete assembly of the aircraft, but does provide an almost step by step explanation/demonstration for the following components:

Nose wheel fabrication and installation
Main landing gear installation
Wheels, tires and axles assembly
Wing locker fabrication (option for the 601)
Installation of the landing light into wing
Attachment of rudder onto fuselage

In addition, other topics are discussed -  including strobe wiring inside the wing, fuel sender installation, cabin step installation, flap motor preparation, and more.

Save MONEY – fewer errors in assembly means less parts are ruined.
Everyone makes mistakes when building… drilling in the wrong places.. parts cut or trimmed in the wrong way…  performing tasks that are out of sequence and having to take things apart and do them over….. parts get ruined or compromised…This video will save more than its price by preventing the accidental destruction of expensive kit components by allowing you to watch the building before attempting it yourself.

Build a BETTER LOOKING plane – by watching!
Many of the cosmetic deficiencies in our pride and joy are the result of building errors. It is not hard to imagine that obtaining a near perfect job is close to impossible when we attempt a procedure for the very first time.  By watching some one else make the bend, drill the hole, cut the part – we have a much better chance of doing it right.  The result is a better looking, safer aircraft.  Learn from others’ mistakes and experience!

Make your building experience more ENJOYABLE –
Your investment in time is actually more important than the dollar value for the kit.  Building a plane takes a long time and much of this time can be daunting - always wondering if  it is being done 'right'. Having to buy new components or starting over on an assembly that was performed in error is not a pleasant experience.  By eliminating the guesswork, your time is more enjoyable as you eliminate many ‘unknowns’ by watching someone else who has done it before. 

Make use of the experience of those that have prior experience building this plane!

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by Zenith Aircraft. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit.  It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

This affordable double DVD video is approximately 1.5 hours in length .  The $38 price includes handling and first class postage. (International orders welcome, air mail postage included!)

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              Landing light layout                                   Light opening cutout demonstration


                   Lamp frame assembly                                        Lamp wiring


          Control stick pre-assembly                                  Fuel sender adjustment

       Fly cutter used for tank opening                               Easy to build wing cradle

Nose tube bearing installation

Bungee & nose tube installation

Landing gear preparation

Brake caliper/axle install

Wheel bearing removal/grease packing

Wing locker cutout demonstration

A locker opening is born!

Finishing touches

Dzus fastener installation

Lense installed

Wing wiring/plumbing suggestions

Rudder hinge installation

Installation of cabin step