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Building your Zenith CH601XL/CH650
A step by step video guide for builders of the popular Zenith CH601XL and CH650 aircraft kit.

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This DVD is a double disk volume in a series of videos being developed to cover the entire build process for the CH601XL kit. FUSELAGE Part 1 is a great starting place to begin your CH601/CH650 project there are no prerequisite assemblies that need to be completed before starting.   To get started, you only need a legal set of plans for the aircraft and at least the fuselage sub kit from Zenith.  The FUSELAGE Part 1 DVD takes you from the very beginning steps to completing the rear section, the floor, and the firewall components of the aircraft fuselage. 

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by Zenith Aircraft. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit.  It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

There are differences between the 601XL and the 650 fuselage construction.  While in many instances these videos will help you with the 650, they were originally filmed building the 601XL version.  You should be aware and review your plans carefully to identify these differences between the two airframes.

This affordable  DVD video is approximately 3 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $40 price includes handling and first class postage. (International orders welcome)

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Unsolicited testimonial:

Wow! Having viewed them, it is difficult to imagine building without them. As a first time builder I clearly will enter into this project with a confidence I would not otherwise have had.

Your production methods have produced a teaching tool that is clear, and easy to understand... the next best thing to having you or Gus standing next to me. Anyone anticipating building a 601xl, would be a fool not to take advantage of your expertise. There is real value, here.

Well done ... I anxiously await the rest of the series.
Bennett Scheuer

Alignment using inexpensive laser described

Front floor construction

Firewall center channel

Don't rivet these brackets until the stabilizer is completed and mounted!



This video takes the fuselage build to approximately this stage of construction (plus complete firewall build)

Firewall construction almost complete!

Bottom fuselage skin now complete

Rear area construction

Sequence of assembly/riveting described

Installing the brake cylinder mount

Installation of center wing spar and jig

Laying out firewall components