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 A collection of video demonstrations:
Cowling Installations

A look at how Fiberglass Aircraft Cowlings are installed on homebuilt aircraft by the pros

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 Installing an engine cowling on any experimental aircraft is quite the challenge! Usually, these cowlings are supplied by the aircraft or engine vendor in an "almost" ready to install configuration. To get them actually fitted to the aircraft requires hours of trimming, adjusting, and trial and error fitting cycles.  Ask anyone who has installed a cowling!

 This double DVD is a collection of 6 cowling installations that were filmed as a part of other engine installation demonstration videos produced by HomebuiltHELP. By collecting these videos into one DVD set, a builder now has easy access to a specialized  library of techniques and presenations by those that have successfully shown others how to accomplish a cowling installation.

The skiils and techniques for installing a fiberglass cowling are quite similar for most of those used on homebuilt aircraft - independent of the aircraft and engine involved. The purpose of watching and studying these 6 installations is to provide the viewer with the general knowledge needed for a successful cowling install on his aircraft. Unlike other component installations on an aircraft - a cowling manufacturer generally does not supply a detailed, step by step instruction path for the cowling installation.  Now, by carefully watching professionals that have done these before, you can equip yourself with the methods, tools and techniques that will be needed for your project.

For example, observe and learn from these demonstrations:

-- Methods and approach for fitting the cowling to the airframe (dealing with common problems)
-- Tools and techniques for cutting, trimming and smoothing fiberglass components
-- Creating oil hatch doors, air duct openings
-- Use of fasteners to hold cowling together and on the aircframe

The six demonstrations included on this double DVD set include cowling installations with various engines on:

Zenith CH750
Zenith CH601XL (2)
Rans S19
Zenith CH701

Some of the 6 installation demonstrations are detailed (almost step by step) -  and others are much shorter, with general guidelines and brief explanations. The goal is to provide the viewer with diverse cowling challenges and diverse instructional methods. (There are 4 different instructors for the 6 demonstrations).  It is not the intent to show how to install a specific model cowling on to a specific aircraft type. 

This affordable double DVD set video is approximately 3 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $39 price includes handling and first class postage. (US) (International orders welcome, actual shipping charges added.

Below is a video snippet from the Cowlings Installation Demonstrations  DVD:


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Drilling for clecos

Installing hinge

drill guide for fasteners

Fastener hardware

Fitting both halves

Oil door creation


Measuring cut out for flange

Making cut

Tracing flange

Using plywood for spacer

Trimming with cut off wheel

Hinge fitting

More trimming

Power sanding

Fastener installation

Cutting hole for exhaust using grinder

Cutting hole for exhaust using hole saw

Almost complete