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Building your Zenair Floats
Step by step construction Video


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This video allows you to watch the construction process of the popular
Zenair amphibious float kit

Zenair now offers their popular experimental aircraft floats as a kit which can be built with relatively simple construction techniques.  This provides a substantial reduction in the cost of ownership making floats now affordable for many aircraft owners.  (See www.ZenairFloats.com for product information and prices)

If you have purchased a set of Zenair floats, this video will significantly speed your building progress as each step of the float construction is explained and demonstrated by our builder - providing an extremely valuable supplement to the supplied construction plans.

If you are thinking of purchasing a set of these floats, this video will provide the knowledge you need to understand the level of building complexity and skills required for a successful build.

For those that have prior experience building experimental metal aircraft, these floats provide little additional challenges in construction skills.  For those builders without experience in metal fabrication, the video will provide the visual information needed to help evaluate the building challenge. The simple tools used in the float construction are shown and discussed where needed.

For those interested in constructing the non-amphibious ("straight") floats, the viewer will find this video perfectly useful by simply ignoring the procedures for creating the wheel wells and related assemblies.

The float built in this video is of the 1450 lb model.  Other size floats provided by Zenair are constructed using a similar design and this video is beneficial in providing knowledge about these also.  Zenair designed floats can be found on a wide variety of experimental aircraft and have been used for over 20 years.

The runtime of this double DVD video is approximately 2 hrs, 45 mins providing a great deal of detail for each step of the construction process. The ability to run your DVD player in a "fast forward" speed  will provide a great deal of construction knowledge and reduce the details if they are not needed.  The video is organized into video "chapters" that can be quickly navigated.  The pictures on this page are still photos taken from the video.

While this video demonstrates the construction of a Zenair float, it does not show: the rigging of floats to an aircraft, spreader bars, mounting tires, nor other repetitive tasks such as painting, priming, riveting, etc.  The effort was to keep the content of the video restricted to the unique tasks of float construction.

This affordable  double DVD video is approximately 2 hour 45 minutes in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $44 price includes handling and first class postage. (International orders welcome, air mail postage included!)

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       Drilling the many bulkhead flange holes                                       Installing front bottom skin

      Constructing nose wheel retract mechanism                           Nose wheel hardware installed

             Main wheel retraction mechanism                                   Installing the steel pickup weldment tube

       Trimming the opening in the from bulkhead                                 Installing the extruded keel

              Trimming the excess skin to size                                    Assembling the axle and main wheel

            Fabricating the side gusset                                                         Installing the walkway

YouTube video snippet:


The type of amphibious floats we build in the video

Taking inventory of float components

Creating the form saddles from plywood

Constructing the float build table

Creating the outer float body skin

Bulkhead panel installation

All bulkheads leveled and clecoed

Main wheel well compartment

Outside view of pickup tube

Float turned for installation of walk strip


Imagine the possibilities!