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Fuel System Plumbing
for your Zenith Aircraft


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The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the tools and procedures for plumbing an experimental aircraft fuel system utilizing: Rubber hose, metal tubing, and high-tech flexible hoses.
Perfect for beginning builders!

If you have shied away from using hard line aluminum tubing for plumbing your homebuilt's fuel system, this DVD is for you!

Most builders can work efficiently with rubber tubing fuel lines - using clamps and barb fittings to connect fuel tanks with valves, filters, and ultimately the engine.  While rubber line is thought to be the most economical and quickest way to complete the job- we know that there are cases where running the rigid, aluminum fuel lines in some areas might be better!

But many of us simply do not have the skills, knowledge or confidence to attempt such an installation of metal tubing, and revert back to more rubber hose!  Rubber hose has its place... but should we be concerned about things like durabiity and lifespan?

This DVD is devoted to discussing the use and limitations of the 3 possible mediums of fuel transfer in your homebuilt: rubber hose, rigid aluminum tubing, and braided, flexible hoses.

Rubber hoses certainly can perform the job - but have you wondered how to select a good quality hose? Is there a difference in hose quality - especially if you shop at the auto parts store?  The answer is Yes!  What are the drawbacks and concerns of using "too much" rubber hose in your aircraft?  These issues are addressed in this DVD.

If you have never worked before with aluminum tubing, but have admired its use in other aircraft, then we will show you the materials, tools and procedures for cutting, bending, and flaring your own fuel lines.  It is not hard and you can watch this for yourself. The professionals demonstrate cutting, bending, and flaring aluminum fuel tubes on this video so that you can duplicate these efforts yourself.  The part numbers for the materials are shown so you can order from your favorite store and start running fuel lines immediately!

Have you been mystified by the enormous amount of fittings that are needed to connect fuel lines and other components (gas tanks, gascolators, etc) together?  There is a chapter devoted to understanding the myriad of AN fittings (with pictures) that are needed to connect the metal tubing.  We show how to comprehend the AN fitting numbering system - so you can order the correct parts.

Have you wondered about those great looking stainless steel braided flexible hoses on some aircraft engines - and thought it might be nice to have these for your aircraft? Another chapter of the DVD is devoted to discussing the types of hoses designed for fuel lines and how to build them, or purchase them ready to go.

This DVD shows how all 3 (rubber, metal tube, flexible hose) can be used together so that you have the ultimate flexibility to make your installation just the way you want it.

There are no skills shown on this DVD that cannot be duplicated by the average homebuilder. There are no expensive tools needed to create the fuel lines as you can witness for yourslelf.

It is our belief that upon wathcing this DVD you will be in a good position to begin installing your own custom fuel plumbing using metal tubing, flexible stainless steel braided lines, or the proper rubber tubing.

Take the plunge, purchase this DVD and tell us we are right!  Once you have installed your first piece of rigid aluminum fuel line, you will have crossed a threshold from which there is no return!

Note: This DVD does not discuss fuel system design, rather, it shows the parts and procedures for implementing a designed system in rubber, rigid metal tubes, and flexible hoses.

 This affordable  DVD video is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $39 price includes handling and first class postage, USA  (International orders welcome, postage added)

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Measuring rubber hose minimum bend radius

Components needed for each flared connection

Final fitting - flexible hose assembly

Installing fuel tube into airframe

Manifold allows connections of all fittings

Braided flexible hose installed on engine

Common Bulkhead Fitting

All Photos taken from DVD video

Discussion: suitability of popular rubber fuel lines.

Understanding rubber hose labels

Understanding NPT thread measurements

Anatomy of an Oetiker clamp

Aluminum Tubing choices for fuel line.

Value of Deburring

Sample tubing bender

Sample Flaring tool

Setting up a bend

The only hose material for today's fuels!

Attaching fitting to braid hose

Sealing end of firesleeve cover

Explanation of AN fitting nomenclature

One of the best clamps for rubber hoses

A side benefit of learning these skills!