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How I Installed
My O200
A video guide for builders installing the popular Continental O200 engine in a Zenith aircraft

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This DVD set is a video demonstration of installing a rebuilt Continental O200 engine into a homebuilt aircraft (Zenith CH750 Cruzer). It is intended to provide encouragement to those homebuilders who have wondered what procedures and components are needed to accomplish this task in their homebuilt project. The video does not cover rebuilding of the O200, but rather what tasks and parts are needed to create a successful installation in their experimental aircraft. Guidance on parts procurement for the installation is discussed - inlcuding sourcing new and used parts from vendors.

This video DVD installation project resulted from the growing need to promote the use of pre-owned O200 engines in experimental aircraft..  The O200 family of engines is a wonderful alternative to many of the other competing engines in the 100HP class in the market today. Use of this engine in a light-sport class homebuilt should be considered seriously.  Often, the use of this engine is discounted by the other engine vendors and builders because the pre-owned O200 has no official advocacy - there are no salespeople promoting its use! 

Some of the benefits for considering use of the pre-owned O200:

Designed as an airplane engine - almost 80 years ago!  This means that it can be counted on as being safe and reliable as they come. It is a certified design, powering standard categoryl aircraft all over the world.

Simple technology - if you want to understand the internals of this engine AND be able to work on it yourself - they dont come any easier than this.  Full overhaul manual are available everywhere. If you wanted to build or work on your own engine - this is the one to pick!  The best engine choice for home mechanics.  Any used part can be inspected for quality and tolerance by vendors that specialize in this work.

Parts availability - parts can be purchased from the manufacturer and even thrid party vendors - the parts competition keeps the cost down. No 'one source only' - like the other engine guys.

Ubiquitous maintenance - If you land at an airport with maintenance facilities - they can work on this engine! Finding a mechanic to help you is always around the corner.

Fuel flexibilty and savings:  You can choose auto gas or aviation gas or mix them together.. never be stuck looking for the right fuel.

Weight: just about right!  A survey of Zenith CH750 owners reporting their total aircraft weight found that those aircraft with O200 fell in the middle of the pack" weight wise (total aircraft weight).  The pack included Rotax, Jabiru, UL Power, Viking and Corvair engines. A myth that the O200 is too heavy for many existing light-sport aircraft.

Pictures on this page are from the video.

It is in this spirit that we hope you look seriously at considering this engine for your aircraft project!

This 2 disk DVD video is 2 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $39 price includes handling and first class US postage. (International orders welcome)


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Tachometer sensor attachment to magneto

Remote mounting the oil pressure sensor

Mixture cable hardware and mounting

Exhasut pipe installation

Cowl fitting

 EGT sensors

Oil filter adapter

Engine monitoring screen

Engine as picked up from rebuilder

Engine mount installation

Using hoist to mount

Components of mounting hardware

Alternator options and installation

Magneto wiring and hardware

Throttle cable hardware and mounting

Baffle construction

 Carb heat and heat muff connection

 Fuel line routing

 First startup


Review of the Firewall