Newly Revised to include:  Continental O200, ULPower, Viking Aircraft and Rotax 912iS

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The "912" Competition
A video presentation from the vendors of powerplants for
experimental aircraft (80-120 hp)

(not all engines presented may be suitable alternatives for installation in the Zenith aircraft models, and firewall-forward accessories for installation may not be available)

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Have you wondered what choices you have for
aircraft engines in the 80-120 hp range?

For years, the Rotax 912 engine has been the predominant choice of builders for their experimental homebuilts in this power range.  It has a stellar reputation for providing an overall good fit for most applications of light sport and experimental aircraft.  We have all heard of the 'guy down the block' that is successfully using some other type of engine -- and is reaping the benefits of money savings, self maintenance and cheap repair parts.

The purpose of this DVD is to present the most popular alternate engine offerings from those vendors that compete with the Rotax 912 engine platform.  This is a video catalog presentation: 10 vendors (listed on the right) each provide approximately 15 minutes of footage describing and demonstrating the virtues of their engines.  These presentations were created and targeted specifically for you - the homebuilder!  They intend to arouse your interest and compel you to seek further information from them on how they can provide the best solution for your project.  (It's like 10 videos in one!)

The engine vendors that were chosen for this production had to meet several requirements in order to be included:  they had to be in business selling their engine products for at least 5 years, and they had to have at least dozens of their engines flying on customer aircraft.  We have chosen, we think, the 10 best companies that fit this criteria so that the viewer can spend their time considering the most viable choices. If demand is strong enough, we can "extend" this catalog with more footage for additional engine vendors and provide updates at a minimal charge to existing HomebuiltHELP customers.

This video is NOT presented as a "feature by feature" comparison tool for engine selection. Determination of best engine "fit" for your aircraft is not simple and cannot be reduced to mere spec sheet analysis. Rather, each engine vendor in this video will present their story and products for you to consider. Only you can ultimately make the proper choice after contacting them directly for specific details.

With this video, you can't beat the one-stop shopping for alternatives to the Rotax 912!

This affordable  DVD video is over 2 hours in length and is divided into 10 video chapters (one for each engine vendor) to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy  The $28 price includes first class postage. (US only free shipping)

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Snippet from video


O200 first start

 Now also includes: Continental O200, ULPower and Honda Viking Engines

Continental O200


W. Wynne discusses Corvair power

Details of the Corvair engine explained

P. Krotje discusses the Jabiru powerplant

Unique cooling ducts provide 100% air cooling



Rotec's radial engine designers

A unique video of the manufacturing/build process

M Templeman explains the Stratus company strategy

Components of the Subaru conversion

Demonstrating the redrive alignment procedure