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How to License your Homebuilt Aircraft - the Movie


Success!  We have finally achieved our goal of producing the most complete and easiest to follow  tutorial on licensing a homebuilt aircraft!

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Building your Zenith is the fun and rewarding part... but getting it licensed quickly and correctly the first time.. that can be stressful and frustrating... however, we have the perfect solution!

This DVD will walk you through each step to successfully license your experimental amateur homebuilt aircraft. While you can learn this process from reading books and doing your own research, we make it easier, quicker and less stressful by allowing our instructor to explain the details to you in an easy to understand format. We start by presenting the big picture of the process, and then expand each step using video 'chapters' with detailed explanations. The actual FAA forms required are displayed on screen, and of course the instructor explains where to obtain them and how to fill them out. The sequence of events in the licensing process are very important.  This is clearly explained as well as the time expectations to be expected for completing the process.  Some of the highlights:

Organizes the process into just 3 major steps

When to start the licensing process

How to choose your N number - instantly online using your computer

What is the difference between reserving and registering?

Where do I obtain the necessary FAA forms?

How long does it take to have the paperwork processed?

What are the common problems that delay the paperwork?

What happens during the inspection process?

How can I prepare for the inspection?

Can I choose my inspector?

What is the inspector looking for?

This affordable DVD video is approximately 75 minutes in length and is divided into 'chapters' to make navigation and review of desired sections easy and fast.  The $30 price includes first class postage. Easily the best investment you can make in saving time and aggravation towards completing the required licensing activity your homebuilt project.

$30.00  Includes First class USPS shipping

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Step by step, these  demonstrations show you how to get your experimental amateur built aircraft licensed!



Snippet from the video:


Some unsolicited reviews:

I have watched the How to License your Homebuilt Aircraft twice.

My compliments...the clouds have parted and I can now see the path I need to take to license my 701 and get my Repairman Certificate.
I thought the video was very clear and concise.  I was watching it on my computer and couldn't wait for it to end, no offense, so I could hop on the FAA and EAA websites.
I've already been playing around with the 8050-88!

I cannot wait until Monday to call the Orlando FSDO and really sound like I may know what I'm talking about!

Again, thanks for the video!  Job well done!


I received the DVD on Monday and watched it immediately.

I found the DVD to be concise and clear.  I am ready to license my homebuilt (Sonex) and had already researched the information.  However, the DVD helped clarify the proper sequence of steps to be taken.

I think the DVD will be an excellent tool for homebuilders.


I long for the good old days when I could concentrate on one piece or 
section  of construction and then clear off the bench and start another. I  guess
thats why I was dreading the thought of having to figure out the maze of 
paperwork ahead to get this project finished.
It was easy though. I just sat in front of my T.V. with a paper and  pencil
and in a little over an hour had a timeline set and in the  proper order of
everything needed to do with instructions on all forms. This was  a big help for
the administratively challenged such as I.  I can reference back to  the DVD
anytime for help. This was perfect timing for me.     How to License your Homebuilt  Aircraft
its by Jon Croke a fellow 701 builder and is very good investment when 
you're up to your neck in building and are dreading the paperwork.