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Do you feel uncomfortable at the thought of wiring your Zenith homebuilt ?

Then Electrical Wiring101 for your Homebuilt Aircraft was created just for you!

You don't need to be an expert to handle the electrical wiring for a homebuilt aircraft.  But the correct basic information is critical to make your construction safe and reliable. This presentation will simplify and demystify the fundamentals needed for performing the wiring of your homebuilt aircraft.  Your on-screen instructor will demonstrate the basic procedures, tools and methods needed to tackle this critical part of homebuilding. Learn by watching is our fundamental teaching technique with this video.

The following aspects of homebuilt aircraft wiring will be demonstrated by your friendly, knowledgeable video instructor:

  • electrical design -- how to get started!
  • wiring objectives: safety/reliability/affordability
  • tools: which are needed to do the job right
  • wire - what kind and how to choose the right size
  • fuses & circuit breakers:  what size and how many
  • how to attach those connectors: crimping demonstration! (solder?)
  • switches, meters, solenoids
  • battery cables & terminations - soldering those big lugs!
  • ignition switch and starter circuit

This video will provide you with the understanding of the types of skills, tools and components that are required for basic wiring of a homebuilt. You can then decide whether this is something you wish to tackle yourself.  This presentation is designed for the beginner who is contemplating wiring their homebuilt aircraft. As with all forms of learning, knowledge is power -  and with the basics under your belt, you will be confident to research more complicated matters using the resources we list onscreen.   At $25.00, this DVD is a valuable investment in your homebuilt project! 1hr 20 minutes in length

Item Name: Electrical Wiring 101 for Homebuilt Kits
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Price: $25.00 (Includes First Class USPS Shipping in the US and Canada!  No Handling charges!)

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