Volume 3

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How we Built our Onex
Volume 3

A step by step video demonstration for builders of the popular Onex light-sport aircraft kit from Sonex

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This triple DVD set continues the building sequence from where Volume 2 ends. (The demonstration of building shown in this video requires the viewer to have watched Volume 1 & 2 in its entirety.  This video is not meant to be useful without first watching both volumes) . This volume concludes the 3 volume series.

The pictures on this page are captured from the video itself and provide a look at the scope of building that is covered in this volume.

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by SONEX. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit.  It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

This affordable Volume 3 triple DVD video set  is approximately 3.5 hours in length .  The $49 price includes handling and first class postage. (International orders welcome, air mail postage included!)

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                                   Pivot bearing parts                                                              Paddle assemblies installed in ribs

                     Pivot bearing installation using press                                             Assembling paddles to bearing blocks

                       Explanation of countersink tools                                                           Showing countersunk holes

Bracket installation                                                                     Gusset sequence for ribs

                             Outer wing spar assembly                                                             Ribs to outer wing spar

                          Rib alignment                                                                                   Skinning outer wings

                         Dimpling for flush rivets                                                                      Dimpling hard to reach holes

                             inner wing rib installation                                                              Inner wing ribs complete

                         Wing fold mechanism                                                              Installing wing fold mechanism


                              Drilling rear spar for pin                                                               Testing wing fold pins

                         Inserting Wing for Drilling                                                           Close up of pivot location

All photos on this page are screen shots from the Volume 3 video

Bending Vertical tail horn in press

Assembling vertical tail skeleton

Fitting vertical tail skin

Trial fitting vertical tail cap

Trial fitting vertical tail to fuselage

Constructing horiz stabilizer spar

H Stabilizer skeleton layout

Stabilizer skin

Trial fitting stabilizer to fuselage

Elevator horn fabrication

Demonstrating tricky rivet installation

Fitting elevator to stabilizer

Aileron construction

Layout for aileron cutout