Now - a how-to video library to assist builders with assembling the Onex from start to nearly finish!

How we Built our ONEX

A step by step video demonstration for builders of the popular ONEX aircraft kit from Sonex

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The purpose of the video series: "How we Built our Onex” is to save you great amounts of time and aggravation during the pursuit of building your own aircraft.  Your time is valuable and we are going to shave hours off your build time by showing you how we assembled our aircraft.  It is that simple!

One of the unique aspects of the Onex’s assembly documentation is that there are virtually no procedural instructions supplied.  The primary method for providing building information is the supplied building plans.  Plans, as accurate and detailed as can be, provide little information regarding sequencing of part assembly.  While the plans do provide a kind of sequential flow from one page to another, the sequence of assembling parts on the plans page is not shown. This means that  if a part is assembled in the wrong order, it must  be disassembled; often requiring drilling out  rivets and sometimes results in damage to the part. Great time spent in analysis of the plans can reduce this problem, and sometimes trial and error is the solution to getting it right during building. This is a fantastic kit and aircraft design - we intend to add to the factory's efforts and make building a LOT more easy so that you can achieve the goal of finishing your aircraft now, instead of much later!

This series is available as a multi-volume DVD set.  The sets available for immediate purchase are listed below.  Details of the content of each set can be seen by visiting the links below.  The building demonstration is based on viewing each volume in sequential order - i.e. the Volume 2 building demonstrations continue where Volume 1 leaves off.  This series is sold in individual volumes so that builders need not commit to purchasing the entire series - however - we highly recommend against purchasing volumes out of order as critical information will be missed.

There are a total of 3 Volumes in this series.
(The series is now complete!)

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