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How we Built our Onex

A step by step video demonstration for builders of the popular Onex light-sport aircraft kit from Sonex

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This double DVD set is a single volume in a series of videos being developed to cover demonstrating the entire build process for the ONEX kit.  Volume 2 info can be found by clicking here.

This first volume demonstrates the assembly of the forward and rear fuselage.  However, we are not suggesting that you have to start here... you can start with almost any of the major components (wings, tail, etc). We do recommend that you watch ALL volumes in this series (additional volumes are being edited and will be released soon) so that you can decide where you might begin your build. The idea of watching us is to learn component dependencies and "traps" of assembly so that you do not have to "unbuild" or unrivet some of your work. This occurs because it is very easy to follow the plans and find out that certain components must be built in a certain sequence for everything to fit properly. 

The time spent analyzing plans is reduced considerably when you see someone else fit the parts together and demonstrate the challenges that are not shown on paper.  Regardless of your building skill, if your time is worth something, these videos become a great bargain! 

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by SONEX. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit.  It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

This affordable Volume 1 double DVD video set  is approximately 2 hours in length .  The $39 price includes handling and first class postage. (International orders welcome, air mail postage included!)

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                 Engine mount (Front fuselage)                                Building Front fuselage                          View looking aft (rear fuselage)


                   View looking forward                                      Firewall installation                                      Corner bolts in place

Forward and Rear fuselages ready to be joined                                                     Joining details

                                   Joining hardware

All photos on this page are screen shots from the Volume 1 video

Preparing fuselage parts (bending, deburring, etc)

Positioning bulkheads on Rear fuselage

Side of Rear Fuselage coming together

Assembling corner structure, Rear fuselage

Front frame, rear fuselage

Final bulkhead #1, Rear Fuselage

Joining sides of Rear fuselage

Assembling corner details

Preparing turtle deck skins

Installing turtle deck

More turtledeck

Installing bulkheads inside turtledeck