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Painting your Aircraft? Make things Easy:
Rotate that Fuselage
A Rotating Fuselage Jig
for easier Painting and Prep
Making a decision to paint your aircraft has a lot to do with the perceived effort involved with this task. Preparing the surface, priming and painting a large complex structure like a fuselage involves being able to reach all surfaces comfortably . This usually means laying on your back, hanging over a ladder and other challenging attitudes. Shooting paint with a spray gun requires special effort when in strange positions.

This week's Tip shows how one builder chose to create a simple method for allowing his fuselage to be easily rotated in any direction . This allows all prep and painting work to be performed comfortably as the fuselage is moved to a position ideally suited for the task at hand . Watch how this rotating jig was constructed and how it helped to make the painting easy!

Painting is easy when surface is at an ideal angle
Prepping for paint is also easy when surfaces are not upside down when scrubbiing

Sonex now produces the new 'B' model aircraft. 
We have the step by step DVD that shows how the tail is assembled 

Sonex announced that they are replacing their popular aircraft with the new 'B' model (larger cabin, bigger fuel tank, etc). 
Our  Sonex Tail DVD  demonstrates the construction of the tail components of this new model (the tail of the Sonex B remains unchanged from the previous model).

If you are considering building this new Sonex aircraft, watching this DVD will provide detailed insight into the effort required to build this kit. If you are building, this DVD will save many hours of your time by showing the sequence of parts assembly and shortcuts from an experienced builde r.
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