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We have created a collection of free videos for the experimental aircraft builder to demonstrate building techniques and related products. We try to produce these videos weekly and host them on our YouTube channel. Below is a complete list from the last several years and a short description of each. Browse for a wide variety of topics, click and enjoy! Two sample Tips are featured below; the complete list in chronological order follows.

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3 Tools for Interior sheet metal Cuts

Making clean cuts in the interior area of a metal sheet (for an access panel as an example) is nearly impossible with standard metal shears. This Tip demonstrates 3 tools that can do a nice job!

Newsletter Tip Archives 2018

Jan - Apr May - Aug 2019 - 2020
Tip 97 Builder's Report Tip 113 Builder Installation Error Tip 129 EMS: All the Same?
Tip 98 4 Tips + Bonus Tip 114 4 Interesting Tools Tip 130 Gyro Jake
Tip 99 Walk thru Sebring 2018 Expo Tip 115 Rivets for Soft materials Tip 131 Trailering a Homebuilt
Tip 100 Stewart Systems Fabric demo Tip 116 Taxi-Landing Lights from Amazon Tip 132 New Year's Wish
Tip 101 What's New at Viking Aircraft Tip 117 What to expect: FAA Ramp Check Tip 133 Do WHAT with your Tape Measure?
Tip 102 What to expect from a DAR Tip 118 An Ideal Workshop-Hangar Tip 134 Building a Wood Aircraft Kit
Tip 103 Rotate that Fuselage - Paint effortlessly Tip 119 Choosing Best Engine Tip 135 Using Vinyl Graphics for your Homebuilt
Tip 104 Choosing an ELT Tip 120 Fabricating Coax Cables Tip 136 More Hangar space for $8
Tip 105 The Caliper - very useful Tool Tip 121 2 Reports: AirVenture 2018 Oshkosh Tip 137 Building the Super Duty Part1
Tip 106 Using liquid Polyurethane Tip 122 B17 Experimental and 1 Week Wonder Tip 138 Building a Sonex Tail Kit
Tip 107 Fiberglass Cowl Modification Tip 123 Choosing the Best FAA Medical option Tip 139 Building Zenair FLOATS
Tip 108 Installing Access Panels Tip 124 Heads Up Display for Homebuilts Tip 140 Building an RV-7 Rudder
Tip 109 How to Test your Battery Tip 125 Builders that Won't Follow Plans Tip 141 Building an RV-12 Wing kit
Tip 110 Attend 2018 Sun n Fun Tip 126 Touch Every Part in your Engine Tip 142 Sloshkosh Airventure 2019
Tip 111 Affordable AWOS weather Tip 127 Visit this Aircrat Factory Tip 143 Wing Tip Cosmetics
Tip 112 Building Zenith Super Duty 750 Tip 128 Most Unique Tool! Tip 144 Panel Edge Trim - Save Face
    Tip 145 A Horn in your Aircraft?
    Tip 146 Can your Aircraft have Too MUCH Power?
    Tip 147 New FAA ADS-B Rules

Newsletter Tip Archives 2017

Jan - Apr May - Aug Sep - Dec
Tip 53 Corrosion Protection for Metal Aircrafts Tip 69 Rotax 912 Power Boost Tip 81 Avoiding Ground Loops
Tip 54 Edge Distance for Rivet Holes Tip 70 Aviation Lock Nuts Tip 82 Snake Camera (Endoscope)
Tip 55 Firewall Penetrations Tip 71 Solid Riveting Tip 83 Why Build a Plane
Tip 56 Fuel Pump - Header Tank Combo Tip 72 Aeromomentum Engines Tip 84 Powder Coating Tips
Tip 57 Scratch building Cruzer Tail Fin Tip 73 Hose Clamps Tip 85 Affordable Video Cameras
Tip 58 Oil Analysis Tip 74 Cutting Fiberglass Tip 86 Free Resource from FAA
FAA document Link
Tip 59 Affordable EFIS Tip 75 Cable Looms Tip 87 (Removed)
Tip 60 Rod End Bearings Tip 76 Brake Bleeding Tip 88 Tools for Flanging
Tip 61 Labeling Wires Tip 77 Lexan or Plexiglass Tip 89 Trick with Cleco Pliers
Tip 62 Selecting Air Ducting Tip 78 Fast CH750 Fuselage Build Tip 90 Pitot-Static plumbing
Tip 63 Step Drills & Grommets Tip 79 Tightening Flare Nuts Tip 91 Leak Testing pitot-static system
Tip 64 Gyroplanes - What's so Good? Tip 80 Visiting AirVenture 2017 Tip 92 3 Tools for Inside Cuts
Tip 65 Sun n Fun 2017   Tip 93 Upgrading Brake Lines to Aluminum
Tip 66 Nicopress sleeve selection   Tip 94 Flaring Aluminum Tubing
Tip 67 Affordable ADS-B Receiver   Tip 95 Speed up those Tips
Tip 68 Flight Training in Homebuilts   Tip 96 Electronic sectional Map

Newsletter Tip Archive 2016

Jan - Apr May - Aug Sep - Dec
Tip 9 Instrument Panel folding Tip 27 Preparing Aluminum for Painting Tip 41 Flexible Panel Design
Tip 10 Propeller installation & adjustment Tip 28 Fuel Tank Sender Options Tip 42 Gascolator Basics
Tip 11 Venting a non vented Gas Cap Tip 29 Drilling in Tight Places Tip 43 Installing a Com Radio
Tip 12 5 minutes at Sebring Light-Sport Expo Tip 30 Flat Tire Mystery Tip 44 NPT fittings for Homebuilts
NPT size chart
Tip 13 Modern method: building an Engine Mount Tip 31 Aircraft Antenna Testing Tip 45 Using a Laser to build a straight aircraft
Tip 14 Cutting Openings in sheet metal Tip 32 Polishing Aluminum Parts Tip 46 Fast aluminum Cuts with Brake and Olfa knife
Tip 15 Dynamic Balancing a Propeller Tip 33 Do We Really have to Debur our Holes? Tip 47 Leaky Fuel Drains
Tip 16 Dzus Fasteners Tip 34 Duplicating Sheet Metal Parts Tip 48 Auto Heater in Homebuilt Aircraft
Heater Vendor
Tip 17 Aircraft Parachute Tip 35 Best Way to make Instrument Panel Openings Tip 49 Crimping Terminals - Large Battery Cables
Tip 18 Cutting Openings with Power Tools Tip 36 Hand calibrated Torque Wrench
Vans Aircraft Torque chart
Tip 50 Pulley Guards
Tip 19 Rubber Fuel Hose selection Tip 37 9 Minutes of AirVenture 2016 Tip 51Battery Contactor
Tip 20 Improving an Aircraft Door Tip 38 Stuck on Rubber Fuel Hose Tip 52 Diodes for Battery Contactors
Tip 21 Wing Stand
LINK for material list
Tip 39 Magic of Silicone Tape
Tip 22 Unique Aviation Hand Tools Tip 40 Using a Strap Duplicator  
Tip 23 Header Tank
Link for Story
Tip 24 8 Minutes: Sun n Fun Airshow    
Tip 25 Gyros - Bensen Days 2016    
Tip 26 More Header Tanks    

Newsletter Tip Archive 2015

Sep - Dec
Tip 8 Cable tension measurement
Tip 7 Hinged Cowl Attacment
Tip 6 Riveting in Tight Locations
Tip 5 Nordlock Washers
Tip 4 Magnets
Tip 3 Angle Measuring with Smart Phones
Tip 2 Jiggle Siphon
Tip 1 Stratux Receiver
Stratux Project Details