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Next Time: Try some Silicone Tape

Sometimes called "Rescue Tape" as a brand name, this stuff has multiple uses for the aircraft builder. And do keep a spare roll in the toolbox for emergencies!

It has been around for a while - familiar to some as a temporary mender of leaky hoses when you are in a pinch. But its unique properties - almost magical in nature - provide for some well suited applications for the home builder. These properties include: a tape with no adhesive (but sticks to itself like glue), electrically a strong insulator, withstands extreme high and low temperatures

Watch as we demonstrate how it has some beneficial applications for aircraft building.

Above: a roll of silicone tape
Great when you forgot the heat shrink tubing!
Vans RV12 : no Faster way to build when using step by step DVD videos
We talk about building "faster" when using a DVD video demonstration. Is "faster" better? Are we always in a hurry?

Building a kit aircraft of any type takes an enormous amount of time and focus on the part of the builder.  For most, this means years of building effort before the project is flyable.

So yes! Finding ways to save your valuable time is extremely important. History shows that many aircraft projects are abandoned before completion because of the time toll that is required. Most builders are juggling time needed for daily life and work - few can dedicate full time towards the building process. A HomebuiltHELP DVD series realistically saves a substantial amount of time during the build process.  Watching over another's shoulder is like having a helper around that has done the task before!

Above: assembling RV12 elevator
Above: Vans RV12 Canopy frame fitting
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