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An Instrument Panel Design that makes Modifications Easy

Take a look at an instrument panel design that allows an easy path to modifications and repairs. By utilizing multiple removable sub-panels, instruments can be quickly removed, serviced, or relocated as desired.

Never say "never" to changing your mind when it comes to your instrument panel layout! We often think of our panel as a permanent fixture in our homebuilt, but more often than not we have a change of heart as new components become available. We learn about new features and technologies that make it imperative to be able to retrofit our panel with new instruments. Easy access to behind panel wiring for repairs is another benefit of this design.

Watch how we designed our panel to take advantage of these features in this short video..

Above: center section of panel easily removed
    How we designed this panel
What is involved with Building a modern Glass Panel for your Homebuilt?

Designing and building a modern glass instrument panel is well within the reach of the average aircraft builder.

Our DVD: Building a Glass Panel demonstrates the skills and planning process required for building a glass instrument panel for your homebuilt aircraft.

There is no one best way to design an instrument panel - every pilot/designer has their own best way.  But by observing the steps and procedures that were taken to create the panel in this video, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to consider building one of your own. The intimidation factor is removed once you see what is involved from start to finish.  If you always wanted to build one of these for your aircraft, this DVD will allow you to decide whether to tackle the job yourself - or leave it to the pros.  The more knowledge and ideas you can gain prior to tackling this job will help you to avoid mistakes on your own panel. 
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