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How to choose Air Ducting for your Homebuilt
What is the difference between the Orange and Black hoses?

Carb Heat

Oil Cooling

Cabin fresh Air

Engine Intake

These are all examples of where air ducting components are used in our homebuilt aircraft. The hoses come with fancy names like CAT, SCAT, SCEET and CEET. They are colored black and orange for a reason: they're made of different materials that can affect which applications are suited for best use.

Watch this week's Tip to learn the fundamentals of selecting air ducting products in experimental aircraft. Be certain that you are choosing the correct product before purchasing and installing them into your aircraft. A little investment in knowledge can save you money and time (removing and re-installing the correct product!)

    Four types of air ducting available!
    Look real close - these are two different models
How we Built our Belite UltraCub

HomebuiltHelp recently released a new DVD series on the Belite Ultralight kit: the UltraCub. The first title in the series demonstrates building the aluminum cabin used in both the UltraCub and the ProCub models. 

This marks the first ultralight kit we have put to film in our library of how-to builds. Ultralights, in general, provide a unique freedom to build and fly under US FAA regulations. They require no registration after construction is complete and also require no pilots license to fly! It is an inexpensive and hassle free way to get flying!

Belite has engineered a sophisticated set of ultralights in kit form that make building an affordable airplane possible. We have added to that formula by making the building process fast and easy by providing a fun how-to video.

Purchase this first in the series DVD to learn how easy it is build an aircraft and get flying - safe and affordable!  This might be something you've been waiting for!

   Above: Belite aluminum Cabin
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 Don't forget that past  Tip of the Week articles and videos are listed on the Archive Listing page on our website.  You can check back there for future reference and review of these tips.You can also reach that page from a link on the top, right side of our home page. 

We have also released a dual DVD set containing the first 35 Tips with updated comments and material for those who want to watch offline with the convenience of DVD chapter indexing.
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