Builder Tip #38 from HomebuiltHELP 
My Rubber Fuel Hose Won't Come Off!

Once in a while we need to remove a rubber fuel line from its fitting - maybe to replace a filter, perform some maintenance - or - to swap out a line that has aged beyond its useful life.

How often do you find that even after the clamp is removed, the fuel line will just not let go of the barbed fitting? You can pull and twist but it seems the rubber has glued itself onto the fitting and the only solution is to use a knife and cut it off. If we wanted to reuse that hose, it is too short after cutting the last 1/2 inch off!

There must be a solution to avoid having this struggle haunt us on every connection in the plane. Watch how experienced builders deal with this issue.

Above: Rotax engine booth
Above: Large military transport
A quick walk by the vendors that bring us Kit Aircraft - AirVenture
We would like to think that the most interesting of journeys through AirVenture include the aisle where our kit aircraft manufacturers are located!

We have a short video which looks at the aircraft on display presented by the kit aircraft vendors.
Above: Zenith Cruzer on display AirVenture
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