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Affordable Landing/Taxi LED lights from Amazon's Aviation Department
Looking to use a bright high-tech LED Landing light in your aircraft?
Some builders are going to install either Taxi or Landing lights in their aircraft. The choices today from kit manufacturers and other vendors for this purpose usually involves a kit of expensive LED light options. While LED is generally known as the best option (low power, bright light!) the cost is usually higher than some builders desire.

This week we show how a little shopping on Amazon's website provides some wonderful choices of suitable lighting components at surprising prices! For those builders willing to invest some time analyzing the options available here, there can be a tremendous payoff in price and variety . The true experimenter's domain!

Watch how we approach the online giant when shopping for high tech LED aircraft lighting for our experimental projects:

PAR36 LED Landing light for $35
Many LED "bar pod" lights available from Amazon
What is it like to Build a set of amphibious Floats? 
Now that spring is in season (!) this is the perfect time to consider building a metal float kit from  Zenair ! HomebuiltHELP has a detailed step by step demonstration DVD set that shows how this kit goes together -- you can decide for just a small investment in these DVDs if this kit is the right path for your project!

Zenair floats are installed and operated on all types and brands of homebuilt aircraft. If the price tag of a factory built version of these floats is heavy for your budget - consider the kit version and really save. Our DVDs make it perfectly clear what tools, time and effort is needed to build your own! Take a look at the construction pictures on our web page:
These floats available as a kit
Our step by step video shows how to build
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