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Take a quick Tour of Kit Aircraft Vendors at AirVenture 2017 airshow
How best to evaluate a kit aircraft that you have been dreaming of?
It was just 4 weeks ago that AirVenture 2017 wrapped up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. If you could not attend, you can look over our shoulder with this short video. The primary focus was the kit aircraft vendor area where we find the top players in this market.

See if you can recognize your favorite models. We also saw some of the new offerings from the likes of Rans and Zenith, along with the recently revised Vans RV-12 IS kit. All of the kit vendor displays are located in the same area, so this made it easy to find and film them.

As per our mission, no sales pitches or favorites, just an attempt at exposing the wide variety of wonderful designs and technologies in kit form for our building enjoyment.

So what is the "Tip" of this week? To simply watch a video and dream about building?

No, the tip we have to offer is: plan on attending the next show in your area - or - visit the kit aircraft vendor's website of your liking and get started on your first (or 2nd) homebuilt project now! If you are already involved in a project, enjoy watching and then back to building.

 A wing fold demonstration for the Panther
The Zenith CH-750 Cruzer
New Rans S-21 fuselage

HomebuiltHELP creates step by step video demonstrations for these aircraft kit companies:
Zenith, Vans, Sonex
These companies produce popular, easy to build kits that you can finish and fly in a relatively short period of time. Many builders of these models are first timers - as these kits are suited for the skills of the novice.

We chose to build, film and explain each step of the construction process so that your chances of completing and flying your aircraft remain high. When you can see each step of building before your eyes, your chances of success go way up. If your time is worth something, the enhanced speed of building provides a substantial payoff. The fear of damaging a component from improper installation dries up when you can watch in advance!

Be sure to browse our website and identify these great kit manufacturers - and learn about the building process from the many pictures we have provided showing construction of their exciting aircraft.

Click on the photos for information on the how-to DVDs available for each model.  
RV-12 Stabilizer construction
Sonex Fuel tank installation
Installing stabilizer on Zenith Cruzer
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We have also released a  dual DVD set containing the first 35 Tips with updated comments and material for those who want to watch offline with the convenience of DVD chapter indexing.
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HomebuiltHelp's Engine installation videos make the daunting task of an engine installation a LOT easier! Watch someone else do it first! This is part of your engine evaluation process. Featuring:
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