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Fast, Easy Build of New Zenith CH750 Fuselage
Recently, Zenith released an updated version of their CH750 Fuselage
While walking the grounds at Airventure 2017 I stumbled upon a workshop where they were demonstrating the construction of a Zenith fuselage used for the CH750 STOL and Cruzer aircraft (and now this includes their new Super Duty model). What struck me as radical was that there was no drilling of any parts to complete the aircraft's rear fuselage structure!

This meant that not only was the construction FAST, but also so EASY that many children at the workshop worked alongside the grownups. The video clip in this week's tip clearly demonstrates how young people can take an active role in finishing a kit aircraft!

The team lead leader for this workshop build was Jonathan and Patricia Porter of - a U.K. based distributor of aircraft kits and components. He narrates much of the video, helping both the grownups and children from start to finish to complete the fuselage in about 5 hrs. The Tip of this Week is to show how easy it now is to build an aircraft.
  Jonathan explains each stage of construction
Kids provided significant amount of labor
We Have How-to Videos for
building the popular  
CH750 Aircraft kits  from Zenith

It has been demonstrated that the fastest way to complete an aircraft kit project is with an instructor guiding each step of the building process (like Jonathan in the video Tip above).  To get through an entire aircraft kit project, saving time and eliminating mistakes is a great advantage. With Zenith's easy to build kits, a step by step video series makes the building fast and stress free.

HomebuiltHELP's video construction series is available for both the CH750 STOL and the CH750 Cruzer models. Whether you are actively building or just evaluating the build process prior to purchasing the kit, the small investment in a DVD series pays a great return in saving you time and peace of mind.

Order one today and see in detail what it takes to build and fly!

Assembling Rear Fuselage for CH750 models
Flap motor and Control installation
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