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Installing a Communication Radio
in your Homebuilt Panel
Think that installing a modern aviation radio in your new panel is out of your comfort zone? Think again!

Many builders shy away from installing expensive electronics - particularly radio equipment - in their homebuilt projects. No one wants to ruin a new radio because of faulty wiring decisions. The next best thing is to hire an expert and just be done with it.

In this short video, we hope to convey the technique of using pre-wired harnesses to allow a builder of limited electrical skills the ability to successfully install their own communications radio. If you have never installed a radio before, watch this and decide if you can do it!

Above: Note the round face of the radio
    Critical plug connections on rear
Designing and Building your own Avionics Panel is within your reach!

A lot of skills are required to take a blank metal sheet and turn it into a modern avionics aircraft panel.

Our DVD: Building a Glass Panel steps you through the critical phases of designing and implementing an instrument panel for your homebuilt aircraft. This is not a discussion of the latest electronic gadgets that you can use, but rather how to fabricate the panel of your dreams once you have decided the choice and layout of those instruments.

The purpose of this DVD is to demonstrate the skills and planning process required in building a glass panel for a homebuilt. Observe step by step techniques for creating the circular openings for the conventional gauges - and the large rectangular openings for the display panels. Use of punches, knifes, files and nibblers for professional results is demonstrated. If you always wanted to build one of these for your aircraft, this DVD will allow you to decide whether to tackle the job yourself - or leave it to the pros.

Fitting Dynon display into opening
Rear view of display
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